Tuesday, 21 March 2017

National Bed Month with Netflix

We all love a good binge watch, right? Getting a few solid hours of your favourite show in can be an incredibly fun and satisfying experience. More and more, we seem to be doing this in bed. Fittingly, this month of March has been decreed "National Bed Month". After doing some research, though, I've found that while it's nice to binge watch in bed, it goes against the advice of The Sleep Council in relation to the perfect sleep environment. But, there's nothing stopping you from grabbing your PJs, hot water bottle and duvet and spending a day on the couch. This way, you're not disrupting your much-needed sleep pattern and you're having a day for yourself. 

In terms of a duvet driven binge day Netflix has you well looked after, regardless of what you're into,  with the following shows and movies:

Iron Fist: 13 Episodes, 1 Season.

The last Marvel/Netflix solo show following "Daredevil", "Jessica Jones", and "Luke Cage", "Iron Fist" tells the story of Danny Rand a wealthy orphan returning to his home of New York after going missing in the Himalayas. While he was there, however, he became very proficient in martial arts. It's a similar story to the Marvel movie "Doctor Strange", but won't be quite as epic in scope. It does promise to be a lot of fun, and will serve as a great final chapter before we get the team up show "The Defenders".

The Crown: 10 Episodes, 1 Season

The £100 million pound gamble that paid off for Netflix, "The Crown" has become possibly the most highly regarded show on the service. Rightly so? You'll have to judge for yourself, but it's hard to dispute that it looks incredible, and is impeccably acted specifically the award-winning Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and John Lithgow (Winston Churchill). The series tells the story of the first decade or so of the reign of Queen Elizabeth and the trials and tribulations she faced along the way. Special mention should go to Matt Smith who is a standout as Prince Philip, a man who is seemingly lost in is role withing the palace and his own marriage. 

Fawlty Towers: 12 Episodes.

Let's go back in time to some classic comedy from the minds of John Cleese and Connie Booth. There's very little that can be said about this show that hasn't been said already. It's one of those shows that I saw when I was younger and it always seemed like there were much more than just twelve episodes! 

Once Upon A Time: 124 Episodes (so far), 6 Seasons.

An old favourite of mine at this stage, this Disney/ABC Studios co-production takes the classic characters from old and new Disney movies and puts a "Lost" style spin on them by flipping the characters between the real world and the fairytale world. Netflix is the only place to see new episodes of this show as they are the exclusive distributors in the UK and Ireland.

*Disclaimer: I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this, I receive a complimentary subscription.  All opinions are my own, and I will be posting once a month in relation to Netflix Stream Team. 


  1. Great choices! We're currently watching Iron Fist, I loved The Crown, Fawlty Towers is an all time classic and I enjoyed the first season of Once Upon A Time- I stopped watching a few episodes into the second season but maybe I need to go back to it! x

    1. Thanks Chloe! Kevin is really enjoying Iron Fist, it has taken me longer to kinda get into it. I'm really looking forward to the second season of the Crown! I hope you go back to Once Upon A Time and enjoy it x


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