Monday, 14 November 2016

Review: Showers with Roger & Gallet

When it comes to Showers by Roger & Gallet (€9.90), think invigorating, cleansing, and hydrating. This is a lovely range of shower gels and creams, and I've gotten to try out the Gingembre Rouge energising gel. Thankfully, it's a hit in our shower!

I haven't tried anything from Roger & Gallet in years and I was a huge fan, so this was great to try out and start to get to know the brand again. I was excited about the fragrance of ginger in this, but it's not overpowering and is very subtle with the mandarin and pomegranate added in. It's a very delicate scent but uplifting at the same time. The shower gel is suitable for drier skin (like my own) and the gel lathers up really well to create a great foam.

The shower gel also has glycerin, coco betaine (derived from coconut oil), and aloe vera to help soften and moisturise the skin without the use of sulphates, parabens, colourants and soap. These colourful shower gels also have a flexible tube wich makes life so much easier in the shower and also makes sure that you get every last drop.

I won't be passing the Roger & Gallet stand without stopping to check another one of the shower gels out.

There are four gels and two creams that you can choose from and they are available from Marks and Spencer Beauty Halls and Independent Pharmacies.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

BRYT Skincare - Botanical Beauty

BRYT Skincare has arrived in Ireland this Autumn, and I've had the opportunity to test out two of their products (which their PR company sent me) the last five weeks. I have been very much drawn towards the brand since I first spotted them across the pond in the UK over a year ago and delighted now to finally see it available here. Aimed at BRYT Young Things (16-25) but also aimed at all skin types and ages. You can't help but notice the bright, and fun packaging.

The BRYT philosophy is built on a holistic approach and merging it together with a healthy regime of eating, sleeping, exercising sensibly, and drinking plenty of water - all of which are mantras on the packaging as you open them up. As the creator of BRYT Skincare Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer said: "Skin needs to be fed and hydrated, just like our bodies". All of the products are free from sulphates, and chemical nasties. They do not test on animals or do business where animal testing is allowed. So, let's get on to the products.....

I'll put my hands up, I'm not a fan of foaming cleansers at all but I have to say the BRYT Cleanse Foaming Facial Cleanser (€20.95) was a surprise for me and I'll tell you why. Usually, foaming cleansers make my dry skin feel extremely tight and irritated as if I stripped all the goodness out of my skin which is why I intend to avoid these, but I dove in just for you so I could tell you if this was good or bad. This is GOOD, it gives a really good lather and it felt really gentle on my skin. It took away all the dirt and grime leaving my skin lovely and clean. This also comes with a muslin cloth which I have many of but really appreciated the elasticated cuff on it. This is suitable for all skin types and it got a thumbs up from my sensitive skin. It contains natural apple extract which is good for dull, ageing or oily skin and creates a soft and gentle foam. It also has essential oils of bergamot, mandarin, orange, rose absolute, mimosa and sandalwood. It contains extracts of Olive and Aloe Vera to help soothe and soften your skin.

The BRYT Calm Serum (€24.50) is aimed at combination to oily skin and at the moment mine is dry to normal and as the colder weather rolls in it will get more dry so I'll be looking to pick up the Nourish Serum soon. However, I really got on well with this serum and definitely a great serum to start with for younger skin if on the oily side. This aims to regulate and normalise skin and bring it back to natural equilibrium. The light feeling serum which has some tackiness to it when applying, sunk into my skin very quickly making it ready in seconds for my moisturiser to go on top and left a great base for when my makeup went on after. BRYT have four serums to choose from so there is one to suit any skin type within this range. The Calm serum contains skin-balancing active botanical ingredients including Watercress and Nettle, and moisturising Kalahari Oil ,and English camomile.

All of BRYT Skincare contains their Advanced Phytoscience System (APS) which is a formulation using superfruits found in Australian which include wild plums Kakadu, Burdekin and Illawarra. These help protect your skin from free radicals, the environment, and help protect, detoxify and exfoliate your skin. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

BRYT Skincare is available from Beauty Boutique, selected pharmacies, and Shaws nationwide. Another bonus is all these products are under €30.

Will you be trying out this new range to help Cleanse, Nourish, and Protect your skin?

*This post contains PR samples. Not Sponsored 
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