Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Now On Netflix: Amanda Knox

A few things have caught my eye on Netflix lately, but it's the documentary on Amand Knox that really left me with mixed opinion. For anyone who doesn't remember, on the 1st of November 2007 the body of Meredith Kercher was found in the house she shared with Amanda Knox (and two other Italian students who were out of town the night of Meredith's death). Meredith was a 21-year-old British student who went to Perugia, Italy to study. 

Netflix Documentary: Amanda Knox

While the documentary focused on the flawed investigation of the Italian authorities I felt that it didn't go deep into the investigation and mistakes made for my curious appetite. What makes this worth watching is the involvement of the key players involved, particularly Knox herself. Your opinion on the case will dictate how you take to Knox in her sit-down interviews. One aspect of the documentary that I can't quite figure out is why the filmmakers are still making you question whether or not she was involved in Kercher's murder when she was acquitted by the Italian legal system, twice no less!

This sounds a bit ludicrous but I felt more uncomfortable watching a new villain of this story appear in the form of journalist Nick Pisa. He reported on the Meredith Kercher case without getting second sources to verify leads and just ran with them. The way he even talks in the documentary is not unlike  the Joker, he's relishing the sordid details from the case and it makes it very uncomfortable watching when he speaks.

I'm still left with more questions than I am answers after watching it but it was interesting to see Amanda Know talking about the experience for the first time. I'm also left wanting another documentary about this case but one that focuses on the actual investigation and the case surrounding Rudy Guede who was eventually convicted of the murder and sexual assault of Meridith Kercher.

I think people will feel mixed watching this, but it's only 1hr 32m so it would be worth your time to sit down and catch it, especially if you were a fan of the other big Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer".

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*Disclaimer: I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this, I received a complimentary subscription for one year & an Apple TV (Box).  All opinions are my own, and I will be posting once a month in relation to Netflix Stream Team. Stay tuned........


  1. Totally agree about the lack of depth. To me though, the filmmakers wanted to put the focus on culpability; how the lead prosecutor and the media (your villain) fed us lies. I watched this with dislike for Amanda; all the media stories over the years had clearly had an impact on me. But in reality, anyone of us could have been her! Perhaps that's what makes this so intriguing.

    1. Definitely they went that route it just didn't go deep enough for me. I very much remember following the case at the time so it was an interesting watch nevertheless. You are so right, it could have been anyone of us!

  2. I haven't watched this yet but probably will. I really feel for Meredith's family though as it must be impossible to get closure with series like this in the public domain xx

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