Thursday, 21 July 2016

Shiseido Ever Bloom Perfume

I don't think in the three years I've been blogging that I have dedicated a whole post to a perfume. I did do the story of my life through perfume if you are interested, but it was very early on in my blogging life. Back in April after going to a Shiseido Masterclass I received two small sample vials of Shiseido Ever Bloom perfume and I've become obsessed, so much so I picked up the 30ml bottle (€49) from Sam McCauley Chemists.

I'm very picky with perfumes and stay loyal to the same ones over and over again but this has become my summer scent and I can see it been a firm favourite for a long time to come. I've really become intrigued with everything Shiseido do from their makeup, skincare and now perfume, which I didn't realise they did until I got the sample! 

Shiseido uses olfactory structures; these use the different parts of our bodies which are involved in sensing smell. This brings along with it the emotions and memories a perfume can create. The fragrance is floral but light and airy but dries down to a musky woody warmth (my explanation of scents is just mind boggling but hope you can imagine the scent). 

Also included in the perfume are the lotus, transparent jasmine, and Bulgarian rose oil. The center includes Tunisian orange blossom, gardenia and molecule Sylkolide. The different notes of scents don't overpower the other and keeps the air of feminity with it. It stays with you all day, always changing but never fading. The bottle is gorgeous and feminine with an aura of pink around the base of the glass to make the bottle glow.

The inspiration for the perfume came from a 1940 black and white photo of the white camellia (Shiseido's logo) taken by Roso Fukuhara who was known for his modern approach to photography, but also the son of Arinobu Fukuhara who was head of Apothecary Shiseido.

Also available in the Ever Bloom range are a body lotion, shower cream and body cream. The candle in the picture was a free gift with purchase and doesn't seem to be available to buy alone.

*No PR Samples contained within this post.


  1. I love how pretty the bottle is! Brilliant that you get a free candle too! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

    1. It was an extra bonus to get the candle, I was so delighted. Xx

  2. Ah I recently went to a shiseido event and they had some perfumes and they were fab.
    Your photos are amazing xx Siobhan

    1. Thanks Siobhan for the lovely comment about my photos. I missed the event I was raging because I love Shiseido so much!


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