Sunday, 16 August 2015

Eileen's Corner: Forever Living Aloe Activator & Mask Powder Review

I was recently sent some products from Forever Living to try. I received the Aloe Activator & Mask Powder (€32.00) which when combined together make a face mask. 

To make the mask it's one teaspoon of each product mixed together, the mask is then quite fluid and best applied with a brush. I used a foundation brush to apply a thin layer. 

Per the instructions I relaxed in a reclined position for 30 minutes and limited facial movement. So no chatting, eating or drinking anything. Hubby was delighted to have a bit of peace! So I used the opportunity to catch up on some TV. 

This mask is not the usual type of one I would use. I normally use masks that do not harden and sometimes leave them on overnight. However this one gets dry very quickly and feels very tight on the skin. If you move your face any bit it cracks hence why you are to limit facial movement. I'm not crazy about the tight feeling from it and honestly initially I looked forward to removing it.

After a half hour it felt great to put a warm flannel on my face and feel the mask soften, I gently removed the rest of it and splashed some warm water on my skin. 

Despite not liking the tightness of the mask I was delighted with how my skin felt after, my skin tends to be dehydrated and I have sensitive cheeks so the aloe vera certainly helps with that. My skin looked fresh and glowy. 

Also the Aloe Activator is a bit of a multi-purpose product, it can also be used as a cleanser or skin freshener. So you can put some on cotton pads to cleanse or what I did was soak some cotton pads with it and pop on my cheeks to soothe the redness. It also came in handy when I burnt my finger on a pot from the oven and cooled it down. 

If you are going to just use this product as a mask it will last quite a while as you only need a teaspoon of each every time. It is recommended to use it as mask 2-3 times a week. I found once a week was enough for my skin. You do get used to the tight feeling on your skin the more you use it. 

If you are like me and put on a face mask and just go about your evening instead of relaxing then this mask almost forces you to just take a bit of time for yourself and chill out, put on on some music, recline, close your eyes and just R-E-L-A-X and we all know how important it is to take sometime for ourselves when we can. 

Thanks to Corinne from Forever Living for the opportunity of trying out this mask. 

Until next time!  Eileen xx


  1. hmmm...interesting. This seem like great products to try out. Reading all these stuffs made me so curious about these. I will do check on them....

    1. Hope you like it as much as Eileen if you decide to try it :)

  2. I am so excited to try this mask. It seems like a good one upon reading this.

    1. I love the relaxing part of this mask as you have no choice but to stay still while it's on lol. Hope you enjoy the mask :)


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