Monday, 15 June 2015

Fabulouz Tote Bags

I was recently contacted by the owner of Fabulouz Tote Bags, and within 24 hours she had the most amazing bag made up for me as well as a fairy door for Lillibug. I'm a sucker for things that are personalised but to have my blog name on it just makes it extra special too.

You know all those times you head to the shop for one thing but end up buying a whole load more, get to the counter and then the have no bag? Well since getting my Fabulouz Tote Bag I haven't forgotten to bring it once! I'm just delighted with it.

Cathryn (the owner) put so much thought into the art right down to me holding makeup, my blog name on the shopping bag I'm holding in the picture. Even a ladybug makes an appearance, it's so cute!

Fabulouz Tote Bags were also kind to give Lillibug her very own personalised fairy door. I said nothing to Lillibug and hid it in her room only to be greeted with squeals and shouts of "the fairies are here! The fairies are here!". This is also the only item we have with Lillibug's nickname on it, so it really is special.

A lot of detail was put into these gifts, right down to the colour of my glasses! This really could be a special gift to give anyone, from mum's, aunts, brides, bridesmaids, colleagues, teachers. Also the fairy doors are just adorable and a great gift to fuel the imagination of any child.

Follow Fabulouz Tote Bags and contact them for quotes & details.


  1. Ah how cute, I love the little fairy door too! A lot of imagination gone into this, must be so much fun to paint! Lovely x

    1. It's just fantastic and the detail is just wonderful. So much went into so can't believe how quick that Fabulouz Tote Bag can get them done. Love goes into it x

  2. Replies
    1. Oh it's just amazing to have, I truly love bringing the bag EVERYWHERE! lol xx

  3. Oh I'd love one of these for my lunches ☺

    1. Great idea Claire, it would be fab to have one for that! :)


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