Friday, 24 April 2015

I am the Mum Who.......

Big thank you to Eimear of "The Two Darlings" who tagged me for this. 

* is happy
*needs more energy
*loves to listen to my little girl talk to her imaginary friend
*needs more sleep
*loves to dream
*hates to iron
*loves to hoover
*has a love for history
*shouldn't second guess myself
*uses baby wipes for nearly EVERYTHING!
*loves to travel
*wish there were more hours in the day
*loves fresh flowers in the house
*needs to get fitter
*talks to herself
*prefers a bath over a shower
*hate cooking
*sees the best in everything
*tip toes into Lillibug while she sleeps to give her a kiss
*dresses up as dinosaur or a witch so Lillibug can bring me down with her imaginary sword
*couldn't have wished for a better family or friends
*prefers winter time
*only started drinking tea when pregnant
*loves to dance because it makes me feel free

I tag 
Laura of "Raising Elves"
Ellen of "El and Baby A"
Laura of "Dairy Free Kids"
Fiona of "Dolly Dowsie"
Nicola of "Simply Homemade"
Lisa of "Four Walls, Rainy Days""


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