Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polishes

Over Christmas my local Sam McCauley Chemist had a Wet n Wild stand, so of course I couldn't walk by without making a sneaky purchase. I picked three colours with the thoughts of using them for spring and summer.

All three are opaque and were easily applied using two coats. I did apply a topcoat later as I wanted them to have a bit more shine from them. Two downfalls for me with these polishes is I found that the formula dried out my nails badly so I would recommend a good base coat. Secondly they chipped really easily but with a topcoat they were fine and lasted 3-4 days, which in my book is good.

For less than €3 a bottle and a huge selection to choose from I am sure I will pick up more along the way. Just remember though, that a basecoat and topcoat would be a good idea.

I do really love the colours especially the purple On a Trip shade!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm loving the colours and wearing the coral one on my toes at the moment :-) xx

  2. For the price they seem to work quite well.
    Great colours, must keep an eye out

    1. They are €2.99 I think and has a great selection of colours it's brilliant. xx


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