Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review: Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum & Aloe Deep Moisturising Cream

I was recently sent some products from the Sonya Skin Care line by Forever Living to review. 
First up is Aloe Nourishing Serum (44.74) with White Tea extract. This is a very generous sized product for a serum at 118ml. 

As per the directions I used 3 pumps for face, neck and décolleté, it has a beautiful silky texture and is so nice to apply and felt soothing on my skin. It also smells absolutely divine. 
I followed that with Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream (€30.49). This contains Pine Bark extract which has antioxidant properties and helps to combat free radicals. I loved that this came with a little spatula for hygienic application. One generous scoop was more than enough and again the texture of this product was lovely. 
I used these both day and night for the last few weeks and really liked them. My make up went on beautifully over them as well and my skin felt hydrated all day. 
My skin can be sensitive and breakout with some products but I'm glad to say it didn't as I really enjoyed using these. It's also the time of the year when central heating is back on and cosy fires are lit which always dehydrates skin even more and these certainly helped mine a lot. 
I would love to hear if anyone has used these products and what you thought. 
 Until next time! 
 Eileen x
Kindly sent to me by the Direct Selling Association of Ireland. They provide information & support for direct selling in Ireland and promote direct selling in the home.

Friday, 14 November 2014

#GreatHair with Mane 'n Tail Mobile Salon Tour

Who can say no to wanting #GreatHair? Not me!

I won a competition on Sam McCauleys Facebook page last week to have a makeover! Well you can imagine my excitement when I found out, and magnify that by 100! I never get the chance to get glammed up or get pampered and except for an odd half inch trim whenever I remember (which has been twice) I never do anything with my hair.

Celebrity hair stylist Leonard Daly was absolutely fantastic and really listened to the problems I have been having with my hair over the last year and gave me loads of tips and tricks. Leonard explained about the products and what they can do for me. Just a little background for you all, my hair is dry and damaged and because I haven't dyed it in over a year I can kind of pretend that I'm going for the balayage look. I was very intrigued by the Mane 'n Tail products, especially as my mum is their biggest fan and I can see why now. 

The shampoo that was used was from the Herbal Gro Essentials range and, oh my goodness, the gorgeous scent was a winner for me straight away that I went back and bought it the next day! The conditioner was the Gentle Replenishing Conditioner which my mum has so I have to admit I took some of hers to try out (shhhhhh). The Detangler was also used which also helps with the look of split ends. Now as you can imagine I was in total heaven at this stage but I do believe the Hair Strengthener was used too. Leonard did my hair into a 40's style (my fave era of films and amazing screen icons). I loved it so much and can't thank Leonard and Mane 'n Tail for the look that I never thought achievable in my hair, but with some pin curls left to set while I got my makeup done it turned out amazing.

A few things I noticed straight off with Mane 'n Tail is that I didn't feel like I had loads of product in my hair. It didn't feel heavy and there was no feeling of residue from the products used. Usually my day 2 hair looks a bit grubby that I would be reaching for the dry shampoo but I didn't have to for once and I am putting it down to Mane 'n Tail. So now that I have purchased a few of the products I'm hoping to get back to you with an in depth review in a few weeks and also get my mums thoughts on them too and why she has been a big fan for a few years now. 

To compliment the 40's hairstyle the wonderful Leanne from Clinique in Sam McCauleys went the same route with the makeup. Who knew I would love a red lip?! The foundation was perfectly  matched to my skin and some contouring was used. Leanne also used my fave cheek pop blush but this time in ginger pop (added to Christmas list). I also got a lesson on how to do a cat flick which I have been practicing all week and I'm nearly there with it.

So after an amazing afternoon of getting this wonderful makeover I had a date night with hubby and I felt a million dollar. Thank you to everyone on the day as it truly was a great experience.

Mane 'n Tail are currently travelling around the country to help us all out with our hair no matter if it is short, long, curly, or just hopeless hair like mine. You just pop in give a few details on your hair and bingo they can tell you exactly what products you need to use on your hair. You can also enter their #GreatHair competition online here to win prizes but also get recommendations on their products and receive free samples in the post.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Smart Stages, Crawl Around Car.

I was contacted by Fisher Price who were looking to send some of their products to parenting bloggers, and because of the great reputation they have built up with their products over the years, I gladly accepted. This was a "blind date" situation as I didn't know what I'd be getting!

Needless to say, when I saw the huge box that arrived at the door I was taken aback. When we opened it we found the Laugh and Learn, Smart Stages, Crawl Around Car. When Lillibug saw the picture on the front of the box, she got very excited. She absolutely loves pretending to drive so this was right up her street.

Once hubby & uncle Brian got the little bit of assembly done, I admit I was a bit worried it really doesn't take two to put this together. As she is nearly 3 years old, I thought that maybe Lillibug would be to big to get anything out of this toy, but I was wrong. When she first sat into it and turned the keys and the engine sound effect come on she was in her element. Her friends make a beeline towards the car too whenever they arrive over.

There's a number of "driving" sounds here when you beep the horn or push the acceleration lever. There's also a "GPS" which tells little ones where they're going next, be it the farm or the zoo, complete with animal sounds.

But it's not just bells and whistles. On the side of the doors there are activities too. On one door there is a hole where you can put plastic balls in and they go down a little ramp, and on the other side there is are shape sorting pieces.

There are three development stages, and the car makes different sounds for each one. From 6-12 months the focus is on basic words. From 12-18 months it goes into colours and shapes and from 18 months on your little one (if they're anything like ours) will be singing along to the tunes and making animal sounds when prompted!

So even though Lillibug got this at an advanced age, she is still getting plenty from this. For a child of six month though, the benefits would be great. It's stationary so a child learning to stand could use it for support with no danger of it falling over.. It would also encourage them to sit up when pretending to drive. I definitely think this would be a great investment piece for your baby or toddler and possibly a great gift from Santa this year. You will also need batteries so don't forget them!

Smyths Toy Store Currently have the Crawl Around Car for €77.99 reduced from €84,99

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Going Beyond Cleansing with Spongellé!

We are all after perfect healthy looking skin but with everything this can be hard to maintain. I know myself with a toddler running around the house that there are times I forget to moisturise, times I forget to exfoliate, and times where I just have to run in and out of the shower and hope that I still don't look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

These products were first introduced in 2003 and are 100% USA made, but they are finally making their way over to our shores! Each buffer has it's own one of a kind fragrance created solely for Spongellé.

Since becoming a Mammy I'm always after products that can be used both on me and Lillibug or products that are super quick to use, but where is the luxury in that?! This is where Spongellé comes in. "Oh what's that" I hear you say? Well I was kindly sent two products from Spongellé one is the Anti-Cellulite Body Toning Buffer and the second the Pedi-Buffer.

The sponges are infused shower gels and all the goodness that we love for our skin. So no more faffing about in the shower with wet bottles and dropping them on your toes!

Shower time has now become a little pamper session for me but without all the time that usually goes into it. Just soak these sponges and release the lather.

The buffers helps moisturise, protect, rejuvenate and I have to say it does exactly what it says it will do.

The Anti-Cellulite Body Toning Buffer (€14) sponge feels so luxurious. You use the soft side to cleanse and moisturise your skin then flip over to use the textured side for a deep lipo-massage. My skin loved this and when you get out of the shower you can feel this tingle (in a good way) on your skin where it feels like the blood is getting circulating where you buffed. This will last for 25+ washes and I definitely got the + out of it! The fragrance is Passion Fruit-Yuzu Aromatherapy and once this releases not only will you smell fab but so will your bathroom.

Pedi-Buffer Cleanse, Detoxify, Buff, Soften (€12), it claims to do a lot and it lives up to those claims. My feet are super soft after using this purple buffer. I will admit I don't look after my feet like I should, but this is so quick and easy that now I have no excuse. The scent from the Pedi-Buffer was my favourite which smells like Summer Lilac-Verbana Infusion. This should last 20+ washes.

I think these would make a great present. Money wise, when I sat down to think about I think these are definitely well priced, especially when I consider how much I spend on a shower gels, exfoliators and any other added extras for the shower.

Keep an eye out for Spongellé Ireland as they introduce more of the range to our shores.

Have you come across these before? Is it something you would love for those early morning showers before work? Let me know in the comments below.

Check Out Spongellé Ireland

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Boots for Lillibug & Me!

It's that time again, when the sandals are stored away for another year, and we have to cover up our feet from the mud and rain! 

Lillibug goes through shoes like I go through hot dinners. I shouldn't complain she is healthy and growing but my goodness toddler shoes cost an arm and a leg! Lillibug is also nearly three so knows what she likes and what she likes to wear, so the red Dr. Martens (€55.00) were what she made a bee line for in Little Piggys Wexford. I have to say I do love them and brought me right back to teenage years when I used to have a pair. She is getting great wear out of them already and loves nothing more than putting them on to go splashing in the puddles outside. The cushion in these make walking a dream for our active toddler too.

Of course I also needed something for the colder months but decided I didn't want the bother of looking for a boot to fit over my calves so went with these lovely heeled brogues from Clarks. They set me back €75.00 but I never regret buying Clarks as they last a lifetime. I love the deep burgundy leather on these shoes, and of course the block heel is great for me because I can actually walk in these. These are called the Ciera Pier and I bought them in Shaws for €75.00.

What is your Autumn/Winter style?

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