Tuesday, 5 August 2014

MonuSpa: 5 in 1 Super Sculpt Body Lotion

A couple of months back I was given the opportunity to try out Monu Spa 5 in 1 Super Sculpt Body Lotion. I really gave this a workout so I could give you the full lowdown. 

The 5 in 1 Super Sculpt contains ingredients to help anti-ageing, lifting/toning, firming, cellulite, and even out skin tone. It is recommended to use 4-6 weeks for best results. 

What's in this Super lotion to help:

Sculptosane to give a firming effect on the skin, reduce cellulite and smooth the contours of the body, it also helps reduce water retention.

Fucoidan protects against the deterioration of elastin resulting in improved elasticity.

Aescin works at reducing spider veins and protects the skin.

Caffeine to help increase circulation, lymphatic drainage and assists detox!

So for 8 weeks I tried it out using upward strokes to massage into the skin every morning and evening. It did take about 5 weeks before I noticed the difference, and I was really happy with how it tackled a few problem areas.

The problems areas I have are, stretch marks on tummy (from pregnancy), spider veins on my legs (from pregnancy), Hips & arms that need toning. The difference was astounding after I finished the product, and I really noticed the difference after I ran out.

The lotion itself is beautiful and spreads generously across the skin so a little does go a long way. I also really love the packaging especially the unusual top where the product came out. The scent also is gorgeous it reminds me of roses. It does stay on the skin all day, and I think that could be down to the fact that 100% essential oils are used. Overall it feels like a very luxurious product!

After using this I do feel like I was after having a Spa treatment. It's a bit pricey coming in at €50 but definitely recommend especially if nothing else has worked for you!

So after years of seeking out a product to tackle these problems for me I've finally came across one that does what it says.

Monu Spa also do not test out on animals, they are paraben free, and sulphate free.

Monu Professional Skincare:


  1. Replies
    1. Finally after years of trying to get rid of those pesky stretch marks and trying everything under the sun this actually worked for me! x

  2. Oooh sounds pretty awesome, would be a lovely gift for a new mum. Tis pricey but having used their products before they are very good.

    1. I've used some of their face masks when they were in the Glossybox and loved them too. Definitely would make a great pressie for a new mum xx


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