Monday, 21 July 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics: Makeup Brushes

Thanks to Eileen from Eileen's Corner I discovered Blank Canvas Cosmetics! These brushes have changed my makeup routine forever. An Irish brand that bring top quality but affordable brushes! There is a small postage charge, but it's so worth it.

I started off with the E26 Blending Brush (€6.99) which I got in a Powder Pocket Box and got down to using it after I heard such great things. This blends my shadows perfectly in my crease as well as the corners and I also have been using it for applying highlighter on the tops of my cheeks. This is without a doubt one of the best blending brushes I have used on my eyes. I've had it for a number of months now and the shape has held up perfectly even after a hundred washes! 

The Hot Pink F20 Flat Buffer Brush (€13.99) just blew me away. I really noticed a difference in the appearance of my foundation using this as it gives a flawless HD finish to it. The short synthetic fibres that the bristles are made from make it super soft and can be used by stippling or buffing into the skin. I've used this on all forms of makeup from cream, liquid and my bare minerals and all applied beautifully using the F20! This also has stayed in shape but takes a little longer to dry but again, it's worth the wait! I'm also loving the pink handle on this.

Rating: Both brushes deserve a 5/5

Have you tried these brushes?

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