Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ballinkeele House: I found Wexford's Hidden Gem

Yesterday saw the women of the Women's Inspire Network meet up at Ballinkeele House! It is a chance for us to network as well as brainstorm with each other. On a arrival through the gates of Ballinkeele House my breath was taken from me, as I felt like I had just driven into another world. We were welcomed by Val and Laura Maher who are now running the estate. With a beautiful classical house as well as a working farm and stables, it's a place where your imagination could run wild!

The present house was commissioned and built by the Maher family in 1840 and is steeped in local history! We got to have peek around and to say I fell in love with the architecture of the house would be an understatement, I actually fell in love with a home and the atmosphere it offers.

Let's go inside and take a look around.......

Interior of Ballinkeele House

Staircase in Ballinkeele House

I live in Wexford and to think that this hidden gem was under my nose the whole time make me wonder who else is unaware of this beauty and what lies within.

Dining room of Ballinkeele House

Dining Table in Ballinkeele House

Table setting in Ballinkeele House

Val and Laura do all the cooking themselves, with breakfast served every morning around the huge mahogany table. There is also a three course set dinner menu which is served by candlelight.

Interior of Ballinkeele House

The accommodation is complete luxury. With a relaxing and friendly surrounding you will be sure of a tranquil visit and leave refreshed and rejuvenated.

Master Bedroom in Ballinkeele House
Master Bedroom. Love the four poster bed!

Twin Room in Ballinkeele House

Each room is uniquely decorated in period style and you will actually start to imagine yourself in a time gone by. For a house of it's time, every room we went into was light and airy, but most importantly there is history around every turn..

Grand Piano in Ballinkeele House

Homemade shortbread biscuits and homemade cake. Tea & coffee
I ate all the shortbread, sorry, but they were too Yummy to pass up! Thanks Val!

Sitting Room of Ballinkeele House

Wellies for the guests
Wellies for the guests, best idea ever!

Ballinkeele House has a variety of gardens and as visitors drive up the avenue to Ballinkeele House, they pass large rhododendrons and fully grown monkey puzzles. On the right is the yard and stables where Frigate, the first mare to win the Grand National back in 1889 was bred and trained. 

You will be guaranteed an amazing stay at Ballinkeele with your hosts Val and Laura Maher!

Hidden door in wall.

Hello there, Niamh from Holos Skincare! Niamh is helping to demonstrate that this wall is actually a door! As I said you will find something around every corner that will amaze you. We had a fun time exploring the house and grounds, it really was the perfect setting for Women Inspire Network to get together. We were made to feel at home so much so that I really didn't want leave! 

You can also check out Roz's post from the day all about the Women's Inspire Network at Ballinkeele, where you will find out about who was there on the day! Big thank you to Samantha Kelly (Tweeting Goddess)  for creating the Women's Inspire Network and bringing us all together.

I can't finish without thanking Laura, Val and their family for a relaxed and beautiful day. 

Gardens of Ballinkeele House

Bay Window

Grounds surrounding Ballinkeele House

Ballinkeele House,
Co. Wexford.


  1. I'm heading there for an overnight stay this Saturday and I can't wait! It looks gorgeous!! xx

    1. It is absolutely stunning there, no photo I have actually does it justice! You will have a great night you won't want to leave :) xx

    2. You'll love it!!!
      We got engaged there last Saturday... such a beautiful home

  2. Congratulations Rachel on your engagement!! It must have been so romantic for it to happen in such a beautiful setting x

  3. Beautiful, the grounds look stunning! Looks like you had such a fun day! :) x

    1. It was a great day in the most perfect of places :) Hope you come down soon to see us x

  4. Lovely pics, place looks great!

    1. Thank you Makeup Monster, I could happily have taken pictures all day! The house is exquisite! x

  5. Did you obtain permission before you decided to photograph the entire interior of the house and subsequently publish the images online?

    1. Yes permission was sought and permission given by the proprietor.


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