Monday, 23 June 2014

Visit Wexford with Carlow Tours

With the amazing weather we have been having of late it had got me thinking about all the amazing places myself and the family love to visit. We love finding new and exciting places to go and show Lillibug the amazing heritage that we have right here in Ireland. We love getting in the car and seeing where we will end up but sometimes it is great just to stay at home. Wexford is steeped in history and with so much to show you all we thought we would whittle it down to our top 3 places to visit if you are ever here.

Pic Credit: Carlow Tours

I got the idea from Bianka, the brains behind Carlow Tours. She is a friend of ours for years now and someone I know who has the same passion for Irish Tourism as I have. Her knowledge, passion and love of Ireland exudes from her every pore and with more as Gaeilge in her vocabulary than I have (Yes, I hang my head shame but that's another story). Bianka is Irish through and through, yet she emigrated in 2000 and hasn't regretted it since! I am so delighted that Bianka has set up Carlow Tours as I know she would make the perfect guide as she would make it the most special day with plenty of laughs to be had. Carlow Tours offer sight seeing trips, guided tours, programs and custom designed trips so there is something for everyone. They are based in Carlow town.

So without further a do check out our top 3 places in Wexford to visit:

1. The Irish National Heritage Park:

This is without a doubt the one we visit on a regular basis. I also did a review last year on one of our jaunts. When I moved to Wexford back in the day, this was the first place my Daddy brought me and it was also the first place I brought Lillibug. The Park stretches over 35 acres of woodland, wetland, estuary and uplands, and has 16 archaeological and historical reconstructions all located in their natural settings.  You will see everything from prehistoric Ireland to The Age of Invasion. It makes for a great day out for the family and has excellent food in their restaurant. You shouldn't miss a visit for anything else.

2. Wells House and Gardens:

With a history dating back to the 1600's, and the house as it stands now dating back to the 1830's, Wells House is a very well kept secret. I met a couple there the other day who have been visiting Wexford for the last ten years that had never heard about it until a week before their visit. The house is currently owned by the Rosler Family, who operates it as a working farm. Along with this, there have been many tourist friendly additions added such as a restaurant/tea rooms, a kids playground and an archery range. The house also hit local headlines just this week when it won the "Wexford Rural Tourism Award" at this years Wexford Business Awards.

3. Enniscorthy Castle:

Overlooking the town of Enniscorthy, this castle dates back to the 1300's and has a rich and tumultuous history which is far too deep to go into here! It didn't become a tourist attraction in the traditional sense until 1962 when it opened as the Wexford County Museum until 2006 when it was closed for renovations. It reopened in 2011 in it's current form. It has changed it's focus from a county museum to using it's artifacts to demonstrate how both the castle and the town itself have evolved over the centuries. 

So, if you're living in the locality of Wexford and haven't visited these places yet, I hope I gave you some inspiration. If you're from outside the county, and want to have someone else do the driving for you, you should give Carlow Tours a shout. 

What's your favourite place in your local area to visit? Comment below, or contact me through the usual outlets! 


  1. Great Blog, LilliWhiteRose - thanks so much for mentioning my business. You have down to a t, missus

    1. No problem at all you were the inspiration behind this post after all :) Best of luck with everything, and hope to see you soon xx


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