Thursday, 29 May 2014

May: Budget Buys Featuring NYC BB Cream Sticks & Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream

This month I have been all over these two products, both under €5 so easy on our pockets. I'm all about budget buys but it has been so long since I have gotten bowled over.

Firstly let me start with NYC and their beautiful BB Beautifying Blushable Cream Stick. It costs only €3.49 and is the most beautiful budget blush I have ever bought. It is now in my top 5 of favourite blushes (that will be another post for another day). It is a creamy blush in stick form. Packaging is simple but sleek and I like that a lot. The blush itself is super pigmented that I would advice using your brush/fingers on the stick rather than the stick on your face to avoid a clown face. Great addition to the handbag as well. I have only seen Soho Pink (rose toned) & Never Sleeping Pink (coral toned) in the shops but I really hope they come out with more!

Top: 001 Soho Pink.     Bottom: 002 Never Sleeping Pink

Now for an eye cream! I've never really dabbled in Boots own brand of skincare products, but back a few months ago I was in desperate need of a new eye cream and I didn't want to spend a lot and that is how I discovered this...

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream is light and absorbs into your skin effortlessly and quickly. It has SPF15 and all for €3.99. I have battled with eye creams for years and this has made a big difference to me. My dark circles are lighter, and it really brightens up the whole area for me. My laughter lines don't look as deep and I am attributing that to this cream. One other thing that I have noticed is that I haven't used concealer around my eye area the last 4 weeks because this cream really has made all the difference. I am currently kicking myself for not taking before and after pictures but I know for next time not to underestimate anything again.

I hope you enjoyed this months Budget Buys and I definitely think I should make it a monthly fixture to LWR, so let me know what you think? Or do you have a budget recommendation? I would love to hear about it. Let your fingers do the talking and leave a comment below.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Makeup Expiration Guideline - Do you keep your makeup?

Three weeks ago I had a major clear out of my makeup and skincare. "Why", I hear you ask? Well, makeup and skincare products have an expiration. Even if they aren't required to put this on the label, it might be something for you to be aware of. Our products build up bacteria or lose there usability after a certain time.

I am known as the hoarder in my family and I am notorious for keeping the pretty packaging of my products too, so I decided to part with them ALL! Hubby gave me the push I needed for the clear out when he bought me storage for my birthday recently. Instead of just piling everything in to make it look like a big collection of makeup I decided to start anew.

It may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it is. I came across one thing I definitely kept for nostalgia sake, which was my first eye-shadow from when I was 16! Out of all of this it really was the mascaras that needed to go. I'm like a magpie when it comes to their pretty shiny packaging, but I do go by the 3 month rule so I was only keeping them because I liked the look of them. 

Oh look pretty outer packaging! I seriously could have thrown them out so long ago.

In general I do stop using products when the expiration date has gone as you would usually know by colour, smell or they don't work as well. I recently discovered that when I was randomly talking to someone that she didn't know that makeup went off and didn't know what this logo below meant. It is the expiration date from when first opened!

So if you see for example the above 12M that means it will last 12 months after you have opened it. I have some natural products which will actually have a stamp with the expiration date DD-MM-YY.

Here is a little guideline that I have learnt along the way to makeup expiration:

Mascara: 2-3 months
Eyeliner: 3 months
Foundation/BB Creams: 6-12 months
Lipgloss: 1 years
Lipstick: 1-2 years
Nail Varnish: 1-2 years
Powder/Blush/Eyes: 2-3 years

Do you keep your makeup just for the sake of it, or do you use it by the expiration date? Let me know what you do in the comments below.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

New: Clinique Cheek Pop Review

Have you seen my new favourite blusher? If not, let me introduce you to Cinique's Cheek Pop in the colour Berry! I kept eyeing this up online unsure if I wanted to part with twenty euro after so many blush fails on my part last year. Then I saw Makeup Monster's review and knew as always she would steer me in the right direction.

I am sorry to say this but I have overlooked Clinique products and this is my first purchase from them. I am unsure why I have neglected this brand other than to say it just never caught my attention. That has now changed especially as when the lady from Clinque went to check to see if she had any hidden Cheek Pops in stock I ended up playing with the display products and making a wishlist in my head!

The gorgeous Cheek Pop in Cherry Pop is just the dinkiest blush I own and now my favourite packaging. I love how it is compact and sturdy due to the acrylic surrounding the blush. The embossed flower just screams springtime! Of course most importantly the actual blusher is stunning and blends effortlessly onto my cheeks, leaving me with a subtle flush or build it up for that bright pop. Out of all my blushes this has got to be the most long wearing (a whole 6 hours, it's a blooming miracle) before a top up is needed. The blush is so silky smooth and you wouldn't know it was a blush I was wearing it is that natural.

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pop Swatch of Berry Pop

I can understand why these have been sold out in my local Sam McCauley Chemist lately and I'm waiting on Plum Pop to come in so I can add it to the collection soon. I have been using mine everyday for two weeks and the flower detail is still intact and at 3.5g I think it will last me for a long time yet! I'm really loving this natural glow for springtime. 

Price: €20.00
Rating: 5/5

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Guest Post: Summer Fashion Essentials

Hey Everyone,
It may well be wishful thinking on my part but summer is coming. Whether you are staying at home, or one of the lucky ones getting to go jet off to enjoy the sun here are my summer fashion essentials to keep you looking stylish as well as cool this season.

1. Sleeveless dress: (Layer link over here :
To keep cool in Summer try wearing white it deflects the sun's rays meaning you will be cool whilst your friend in her stylish black number is going to be attracting all the heat. This little white dress from H&M has a stretch texture weave therefore your going to be as comfortable as possible in the heat. It also looks really cute and with the right accessories it will take you from the beach to the evening.

A large bag is definitely an essential, in the summer you're always carrying around extra bits and pieces like sun cream, water, food etc.. so whether its a large tote or beach bag it is important to pick up a larger bag so you don't have to worry about carrying everything. I love this one from Zara because its on trend whilst being the perfect size to fit everything you could possibly need!

3. Straw Hat: (Layer link over here:
Hat's are one of the few accessories I rarely bother with however in the summer it is really important to keep the sun off your head and stay cool, especially if you are fair and have dark hair like myself. Straw hat's are fantastic for doing exactly that whilst allowing air through, and of course they look super stylish when teamed with a cute dress. In my opinion the bigger and floppier the straw hat the better it looks!

4. Grey and Neon Pink Abstract Print Longline Scarf (Layer link over here:
A pretty and thin scarf can be a very useful accessory during the summer, it can be used in so many different ways... A cover up whilst at the beach, to protect your head from the sun (if you've forgotten your hat), and a shawl for when the nights get chilly! 

Last but not least is a good pair of sandals. I'm not a fan of flip flop type shoes that rub in between my toes, I prefer to be comfortable and these strap sandals are the perfect alternative. There are plenty out there at the moment so there is a wide variety to choose from. 

They are my summer fashion essentials, what are yours? 

Hannah runs her own blog called Love, Life and Makeup and you will find everything from Fashion, Lifestyle, Makeup and Blog Tutorials! Hannah has also been shortlisted for the Company #Style Blogger Awards 2014 and would love if you would support Hannah by checking out this link and using all your emails to vote for her in the category "Best Designed Blog". Also Sinead from The Beautiful Truth is  shortlisted in the category 'Best International Newcomer' so get in there and support Irish!! A big thank you to Hannah for this wonderful guest post and for getting me out of a pickle and Hannah is also responsible for the new design right here on LilliWhiteRose (she is so talented)!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

From Book to Film: Our Netflix Choices

Hubby decided to join me for a collaboration or he might just say I left him to do this, but believe me I did have a say in this post. We were having a route around Netflix one night and got onto the topic of Books (or comics) made to film, so we came up with the following choices for everyone in the family. We hope you like them or maybe they might just help you decide what to watch next. We love feedback so don't forget to let us know what you think.

Comic Book Film: "Thor" (2011) based on the Marvel comic book "Thor" based on characters created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby. August 1962 - Present.
This was the biggest risk out of all the Marvel films, as it was the one with the most out there plot. Gods on Earth really shouldn't have worked, but this was done really well. Chris Hemsworth is perfectly (and I mean PERFECTLY) cast as the God cast down to Earth, and the film has plenty of action and humour.

Kids Book: "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (2009) based on the book by Judi Barrett and first published in 1978.
This quirky film is full of imagination and memorable characters. It's a huge amount of fun that features plenty of laughs for kids and adults alike, which is sometimes not always the case with CG animated films, but this one gets the balance just right.

Teenage Book: "The Hunger Games", based on the book by Suzanne Collins first published in 2008.
The massive success of the "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" movies led to a resurgence in the amount of books transferred to the screen with the intention of making them into a franchise. "The Hunger Games" has proven to be on par with those series, as the two films in the series so far have grossed $1.5 billion worldwide. This film serves as a great introduction to the world of Collins' book, and is an enjoyable sci-fi action film for this generation.

Adults: "The Godfather", based on the book by Mario Puzo first published in 1969.
Some films have a weight of expectation that they can't possibly live up to. "The Godfather" is widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, and after a recent rewatch, it still holds up. It's an incredibly story that's as much about the dynamics of a family as it is about the crime elements that people think of when they recall the film. Everything about this film is practically perfect. If you've never seen it, set aside a few hours and enjoy. If you have seen it, go watch it again!!

*Disclaimer: I have become a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this I received a complimentary subscription for one year & an Apple TV (Box). All opinions are my own, and I will be posting once a month in relation to Netflix Stream Team. Stay tuned........

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet Review

I couldn't help myself a few weeks ago! I saw this beauty and it felt as if it just jumping off the shelf and into my hands. Let me introduce you to Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the colour Frambourjoise!

The Product:
A matte finish lipstick with a light feel. This leaves you with a beautiful intense colour that has a velvet texture to it. It contains evanescent oil so your lips don't dry out and provides a soft second skin finish which is exactly what I'm looking for in a matte lipstick!

The Packaging:
I think the packaging is gorgeous and looks high end (maybe that's just my take on it). It certainly stands out among everything else at the display. You can see the colour of your chosen lipstick through the clear plastic and the cap has the colour of the lipstick. It has a slanted applicator which feels strange for a lipstick as I'm used to these for lip glosses not a lipstick.

Liquid form but dries to a matte finish

Pic Taken After Application
Pic Taken 2 Hours After Application
Pic taken 4 Hours After Application

Overall Verdict:
These contain the most beautiful colours which are so pigmented I can't believe I'm wearing it! I don't usually go for something so bold on my lips and I own the grand total of 4 other lipsticks so to say this is way out of my comfort zone would not be a lie. I have a love/hate relationship with this lipstick. Firstly it applies wet and dries to a matte finish but it can be messy around the lip line so this has taken a bit of mastering on my part. Secondly I think the applicator has too much product on it so it can get really, really messy. There are days I can get it right and when I do I love it. Lastly after 3 hours this fades for me, but looks patchy. So as you can see it really is a love/hate thing going on here. The colours are stunning, the matte finish doesn't dry out my lips, but would advise to exfoliate them just so that the product goes on flawlessly. The packaging itself is very fancy pants but the applicator just does not work for me. The colour looked darker in the packaging compared to when on the lips. It looks red but once applied if verges more on the pinky side (but I like the colour never the less).

Price: €10.99

Rating: 3/5

Have you tried these Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review: Emma's Eco-Soy Candles

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles kindly sent me some of their products to try out and I was so impressed by them. I got to try out their 20 Hour Tin Candle which retails at (€9.95) and one of their Wax Tart Melts (€4.95). Both were amazing to burn and have in the house.

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles
I personally find it so hard to pick out candles because I come home to find that I'm allergic or Lillibug is allergic to them. If a scent is overpowering I get really nauseous, so to find that Emma's Eco-Soy candles were well suited to us I nearly jumped for joy! I love nothing more than hopping into a bath and having one of these burning on the window sill, or even during the day I find these to be really uplifting.

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles are handmade in Ireland, and I love nothing more than to support Irish! These products contain no artificial dyes, no synthetic fragrances, no paraffin or parbens. They are all natural products fragranced with pure essential oils that are clean burning.

The 20 hour Tin Candle was fragranced with Lemongrass and it was so invigorating and put a spring in the step and I used it all up. It lasted just over 20 hours so I was really impressed with that. The Wax tart melt was fragranced with Orange and Palmarosa I found to be sweet and had calming effects. The tart is to be broken up so you can save it and use as needed so I still have half of the tart left and still enjoying using it.

The fragrances are just so pretty and don't smell synthetic that you would nearly think you were in the garden among the flowers!

Overall these are winners in my book, and definitely going to repurchase the tin candle and have my eye on the citrus blend.

For a list of stockist or to order online you can go to Emma's Eco-Soy Candles website or check them out on Twitter.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Lets Talk Blog Challenge: Summer Essentials

Week 2

Our Summer Essentials

I can't believe we are on to week two of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge, where has the week gone! It was great fun checking out everyone's take on lasts week challenge and I also discovered some great new blogs from it. Sarah from At The Beauty Desk has been great with keeping us organised and giving us reminders of what is coming next, so don't forget to stay with us over the remaining four Mondays as we progress through the challenge. So week two is all about our summer essentials.

1. I always wear hats. They are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting your hair and face from the sun. Lillibug has a hat that has a flap on the back of hers to protect her neck which I think is great for her sensitive toddler skin.

2. Sunglasses are brilliant for protecting our eyes from the rays of sunshine. I wear glasses a lot so I don't wear my sunnies as much as I should so I tend to frown a lot in the sun because of that. Lillibug will wear hers every now and again, for her it's more of a novelty.

3. I have very fair skin and have moles on my body so it's factor 50 all the way for both me and Lillibug. I have to say I was in shock last year at all the children I saw burnt from the sun and had peeling skin because of it.

4. VO5 Heat Protect I discovered last year and found it really helped my hair become frazzled and burnt by the sun, so this is a must again for this year.

5. Water and plenty of it. It will keep us hydrated in the heat but also keep our hair, skin and nails healthy.

6. You may wonder about the Cleanse Off Mitt in the picture, well sun-cream makes me breakout in spots on my face and shoulders but discovered last week that this helped. I use it always as a pre-cleanse to my daily skincare routine and decided to bring it down as far as my shoulders. It has prevented more breakouts and the spots that already gathered had disappeared!

So I hope you enjoyed our summer essentials and if you think I am missing something that I should have for both me and Lillibug I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Let's all be sun smart and protect our skin and make it a habit from a young age. If you would like to check out statistics and recommendations go to the Irish Cancer Society website where you will find helpful information on their SunSmart Code.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

#LLAMmeetup: Irish Beauty Bloggers Meetup

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I told you all about Hannah from Love, Life and Makeup Blog, who is the artist behind my new blog logo. Well I finally got to meet the beautiful Hannah and some other wonderful Irish Beauty Bloggers.

Hannah organised the meet up herself and it took place at The Russell Court Hotel in Dublin. We were treated to demonstrations from Nima Mitt and Benefit which was a great opportunity to see their products at work and get all the information you may need about their products.

A raffle also took place on the day with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Ireland! Kathleen from Squidgy Moments won a prize and 5 days later her victory dance still makes me laugh! 

Kat from Dolly Rouge also gave a talk on the importance of the community and togetherness of beauty bloggers from all corners of the country. For me personally, community is important and is a great way to support and motivate each other, whether that is to do with beauty or just to talk about how shite your day was!

I would like to thank Hannah for giving us such a fun and memorable day. She put so much of her own time and hard work into it. Check out her photo frame that she made herself. We had way too much fun taking photos of ourselves in it! We were also treated to a goodie bags, which was far too kind.

It was great to catch up with friends on the day and make new ones. Thanks to Nicole from Beauty, Lifestyle, Ramblings for putting up with my road rage and panic of driving in Dublin. You're a star for surviving a road trip with me, ha ha!

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