Thursday, 17 April 2014

App of the Month

If like me you love puzzles, then this one is for you!

Lyne App Logo from Presskit

Thomas Bowker is the designer and developer of Lyne and I'm convinced he made this for me! The reason I think this is because I am no longer tempted to throw my gadget across the room in frustration. Unusually for a puzzle the smooth lines and simple structure of this games makes for very tranquil experience.

There is an ambiance to this puzzle which makes it a calming experience, with its relaxing audio and no penalties for a wrong move, you really couldn't ask for more.

The goal is to connect matching shapes with a line and fill your board. All you have to do is start with a shape and drag a line bringing them through connectors but not crossing over previous lines. There are no points to be scored or medals to be won which I find great as I feel I'm not battling to reach anything. You can unlock wallpaper when you start passing more and more levels. The levels are from A-Z in blocks of 25, you also get daily doses which are in two blocks. This will have you hooked!

No in-app purchases & no ads!

Platforms Available On:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
PC/Mac/Linux-DRM Free
Windows 8

€1.99 (On Play Store)

Be prepared to be put in a trance!

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