Sunday, 15 December 2013

LUSH: Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

If you remember recently I popped into LUSH and got a tiny haul and next on the list for review is Star Light, Star Bright. This is part of Lush's Christmas Collection so you will have to go get this quick before it's gone.

The Product:
A butter Melt filled with glitter for your Christmas sparkle. Ginger, Lavender and Zesty Lime to give an uplifting feel. Shea butter, Cocoa butter and coconut oil to soften your skin.

Overall Verdict:
As much as I love Lush products this was not for me. The glitter was horrendous when I picked it up in the shop and I walked out like a disco ball, but I got over that and thought it will be fine in the bath. The fragrance was fantastic and uplifting and when you ran it under the water it revealed a white star with blue goo in the middle which stained my hands and had to be scrubbed off. The glitter looked pretty in the bath but took days to clean from the bath tub and I ended up having a shower once I realised that everything I touched after the bath got glitterfied. It also took another shower the next day to fully get rid of all the glitter of myself. The shea butter felt greasy and you could scrape it off with your fingernails which did not leave me with a great experience with this bath melt. The fragrance was lovely and the colour of the bath (sky blue) was pretty but that is all I liked.

Approx €4.80



  1. I do like LUSH but like yourself sometimes the colour of the bath is the best part and that's kind of wrong. They're not cheap products I don't think anyway. Nice to hear an honest review x

    1. Thanks Victoria, honesty is always the best policy as I always say. I love Lush but as you say they are on the pricey side so you want it to be worth it, also it's a 2 hour drive to my nearest store :( Thanks for dropping by and for commenting xx

  2. Ahh such a pity the glitter was annoying as this looks so cute!!

    1. It was just so so messy I couldn't deal with it at all :( I think if the butter was the size of the Lush Mango Melting Butter & without the glitter it would have been perfect :) x


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