Tuesday, 31 December 2013

LilliWhiteRose: Year in Review 2013

Happy New Year may all your wishes and dreams come true in 2014!


Thank you to my family, friends, readers and followers you are all the best xx

Blog In Numbers:
354 comments including my replies
103 published posts
30000 + pageviews
715 followers Twitter
126 Bloglovin' Followers
64 Facebook Followers

Most commented on Post:
16 comments on Benefit Brow Bar at Debenhams

My top read posts of this year are:
1. Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan Review
2. Chicco Twist Chair
3. Guinot Hydradermie 2 Facial @ Sam McCauleys
4. Date Night Collaboration: Your Steps for Beautiful Skin
5. Hask Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
6. Overactive Thyroid & Radioisotope Therapy

Most personal post for me:
Telling you all about my treatment for my overactive thyroid during June 2013
Overactive Thyroid & Radioisotope Therapy

Highlights of the year:
I got invited to meet Marissa Carter & Team of Cocoa Brown Tan for Afternoon Tea in the Radisson Hotel Dublin and at that I got to meet some wonderful Irish Beauty Bloggers, something I didn't think would ever happen.

Meeting Samantha Kelly of Tweetinggoddess was another highlight which was filled with a lot of laughter and Samantha was so kind to give me so many helpful tips. We will be meeting again soon and really looking forward to it.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Tag 2013

I was taking a break from blogging but when I saw this tag over on Girl Friday's Beauty Blog I just had to do it. I also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and hope you all get to relax and spend time with your family and friends. x

1.What is your favourite Christmas song?
I could name so many and I always have Christmas FM & Christmas CD's on but one that I always seems to go round in my head is Cliff Richard's "Mistletoe & Wine" (my daddy brain washed me!).

2. What is your favourite festive drink?
It would have to be Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and it's always tradition to go into town with mum, dad, hubby and now little one on Christmas Eve and treat ourselves to our festive drinky :)

3.Favourite Christmas film?
I love White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney it really sets me up for Christmas and gets me in the mood!

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
I would love a Kindle Fire HD as I love my gizmos and a bit of Jewellery.

5.What is your favourite festive make-up or nail art look?
Glittery Nails, Plum eyeshadow and I am loving my Bourjois Plum Russian Colour Boost Lip Crayon (had to get it after seeing Nurse Fancy Pants review on it) so looking festive with my makeup look lately.

6.What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas jumper? PJs?)I love my Christmassy jumpers and then flaking out in my jim jams in the evening. I'm all about being cosy.

7.Would you rather play outside in the snow or sit inside in the warmth with a cuppa?
I love snow! We don't get it very often here but when it happens I am a child outside rolling around in it, but then there is nothing nicer than coming back inside to a warm and cosy fire and curling up.

8.Wrapping presents – love or loathe?

I'm not a huge fan. I just want to get it done and usually end up swearing at the sellotape for not doing what I want it to do.

9.Favourite Christmassy food?

I love Christmas dinner more than anything but it is what my dad does with the left overs on St. Stephens Day that just sends delight through me. Dad fry's the turkey, ham and mash potatoes very unhealthy but my goodness it is just scrumptious.

10.What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Taking a break and spending time with family. It has been a long eventful year with a lot of highs and lows so to sit down and just take a breath is what I am looking forward to most.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

LUSH: Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

If you remember recently I popped into LUSH and got a tiny haul and next on the list for review is Star Light, Star Bright. This is part of Lush's Christmas Collection so you will have to go get this quick before it's gone.

The Product:
A butter Melt filled with glitter for your Christmas sparkle. Ginger, Lavender and Zesty Lime to give an uplifting feel. Shea butter, Cocoa butter and coconut oil to soften your skin.

Overall Verdict:
As much as I love Lush products this was not for me. The glitter was horrendous when I picked it up in the shop and I walked out like a disco ball, but I got over that and thought it will be fine in the bath. The fragrance was fantastic and uplifting and when you ran it under the water it revealed a white star with blue goo in the middle which stained my hands and had to be scrubbed off. The glitter looked pretty in the bath but took days to clean from the bath tub and I ended up having a shower once I realised that everything I touched after the bath got glitterfied. It also took another shower the next day to fully get rid of all the glitter of myself. The shea butter felt greasy and you could scrape it off with your fingernails which did not leave me with a great experience with this bath melt. The fragrance was lovely and the colour of the bath (sky blue) was pretty but that is all I liked.

Approx €4.80


Monday, 9 December 2013

The 12 Films of Christmas

This is my 100th blog post and the journey to this has been amazing. I asked my hubby if he would like to collaborate on this piece with me as it was his idea for me to blog in the first place (Thank you hubby). We came up with The 12 Films of Christmas because we both love films and I love Christmas (Hubby has tendencies of being a humbug). I hope you all enjoy and thank you for your support since I started this blog last May! Hope you enjoy the movies we picked...

One of the many things we love about Christmas is sitting by the fire with friends and family and watching some films. I mean, who doesn't like that? So as a little challenge we've come up with what we feel are twelve films that deserve an airing over the few days of Christmas and, as a guide, what time they're best viewed at. Ready? Here it goes: 

Christmas Eve

Morning: Miracle on 34th Street (Original)
Given the day that's in it, this is too good not to feature. Perfect for getting the family ready for that last minute trip into town.

Afternoon: Muppet Christmas Carol
So you've made it back home from town in one piece, with a lighter wallet. What better to take your mind off things than what we feel is the best version of this classic story. It's got Muppets, Michael Caine, and some cracking songs. After all "there's only one more sleep 'till Christmas"

Evening: Home Alone
In a time before we had youtube, this was what you watched to see people injure themselves in a hilarious manner. In all seriousness though this one is a Christmas classic, with a fantastic soundtrack and some great characters. An easy film for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Night: Die Hard
The stockings are hung, the kids are in bed, and Santa's milk and cookies are left out in the dining room. Before the madness of the following day, the adults in the house could do worse than unwind to this (unorthodox) Christmas favourite. "Not a Christmas film" you say? It's set on Christmas Eve, "Let it Snow" plays over the end credits, and it's about a family reconnecting at this, the most magical time of the year. What more do you want?

Christmas Day

Morning: Elf
A relative newcomer to the Christmas movie scene, this is the perfect film for the Christmas morning madness. While the adults are tidying up and preparing for possible visitors and Christmas dinner, the kids (and big kids) can take time out and enjoy one of Will Ferrell's best films. Chances are any kids in the house will be as hyper as Buddy himself, so this might settle them down.

Afternoon: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
The "Harry Potter" films are becoming a staple of Christmas TV, so why not embrace this fact and revisit the first in the series. It's probably the best one to watch for a number of reasons. First off, the films tend to get darker as the series progresses, and you don't want to be dealing with that on Christmas Day. Secondly, there may be a few relatives over, so putting on the first film in the series negates a lot of explaining who certain characters are and explaining plot points from previous films. 

Evening: It's a Wonderful Life
After dinner, this film is the perfect dessert and a great way to end the kids day before bed. A slight variation on the "Christmas Carol" theme, this one is a joy to watch thanks in no small part to James Stewart's classic performance. 

Night: Skyfall
It wouldn't be Christmas without at least one showing from James Bond. The most recent addition to the canon is a great one for parents to unwind to after the end of what tends to be the busiest day of the year. It's a throwback to the classic Bond films that those of us of a certain age grew up watching. So pick apart the last of the selection boxes, and enjoy.

St. Stephen's Day

Morning: Toy Story
No better way to celebrate the arrival of some new toys than with Pixar's classic from 1995. Chances are everyone knows every word of dialogue at this stage, but it never gets old and there are as many jokes for kids to enjoy as there is for adults.

Afternoon: Mary Poppins
Another Christmas staple is this Disney classic that is choc full of classic songs, and a great turn from Julie Andrews. When I was growing up, I never even questioned Dick Van Dyke's over the top cockney accent.

Evening: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Like James Bond before him, no Christmas is complete without catching up with the adventures of Indiana Jones. At the moment, and this changes monthly, this is my favourite of the Indiana Jones trilogy (the fourth film doesn't exist in my world). The relationship between Indiana (Harrison Ford) and his father Henry (the original Bond, Sean Connery) makes for some great comedy, and the action scenes are still as spectacular now as they were back in the day.

Night: Titanic
What would Christmas be without watching at least one three hour long film somewhere along the way. We've gone for James Cameron's "Titanic". Hugely popular on it's initial release, it's been the butt of many jokes since but undeservedly so in our opinion. Don't start it too late though, or you'll be up until all hours!

So there you have it. The twelve films of Christmas, according to us. Now, we're not suggesting that you monopolise your free time over the festive season watching films, but if you do find yourself with some downtime you could do a lot worse than check out some of the films above. Yes you've probably seen them many times before but then again, they are classics. You've got nothing to lose.

You can check out my husband's blog over at Small Screen Saver where you can get your fix of reviews.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Guinot Hydradermie 2 Facial at Sam McCauley Beauty Salon & Spa

I was recently invited by Sam McCauley to review the Guinot Hydradermie 2 Facial at their Salon in Redmond Square, Wexford. To say I was a excited would be an understatement! I haven't had a facial in over 5 years at this stage due to bad experiences and the fact that I've never been easily pleased by facials, so I have to say I was nervous about this, especially as a current is used across your face! However I had no need for worrying as this was the best facial I have ever had!

The Brand:

Guinot was founded in France by René Guinot over 40 years ago who was a well known chemist (get me and my facts! Who knew?). He wanted to create a treatment that would be focused on the skin which led to the creation of Hydradermie. This resulted in René Guinot creating products that could be used by woman at home to compliment the professional treatments.

Picture Credit: Sam McCauley Chemists 

The Setting:
Sam McCauley Beauty Salon and Spa have a wonderful salon on their first floor of Redmond Sq. In all my years I have never stepped foot in it until last week. There is a fresh, yet warm welcome feeling to the salon when you walk in and the staff are extremely friendly. I had to fill in a form about medication and allergies and once that was done, I was led down a hallway to a room. I did mention to Michelle (beauty therapist) that I could breath properly for the first time the minute I walked in. The oils that were burning were just so relaxing and seemed to help my breathing. The treatment table that I was on was heated and blankets put on me and so it begins........

Guinot Hydradermie 2 The Super Star Treatment:

Michelle asked me questions about my skin and asked if I had any concerns or problem areas on my face, so I explained about my health and medications that I am on and how they are playing an effect on my skin. So from there Michelle customised the treatment I would be getting for my dry skin/eczema. I needed my skin to be hydrated again!

Unique to Guinot is the Hydraderm machine which helps along the Guinot products which deep clean, oxygenate, and regenerate the skin. With regular treatments this will offer immediate and lasting results to give you a healthy complexion. This exclusive treatment uses galvanic (electric cell energy. Think of a car battery.) and high frequencies. The double ionisation penetrates the active ingredients into the skin for optimal results.

This is customised to the clients needs so it doesn't matter if your skin is mature/normal/dehydrated/oily or sensitive, there is something for everyone.

The Process:

Once my treatment was customised and products chosen, my skin was cleansed and exfoliated and the machine then comes into play with its galvanic and high frequencies. The little roller balls (sorry I have no idea if there is a proper term for them) were then rolled along my face and neck to oxygenate and create an antiseptic effect (Sorry to Michelle if I got that wrong, but I was so relaxed at this stage). I found it to be very relaxing and soothing on my skin. Michelle did ask (and warned before treatment began) if the frequency was to high as it can feel like the hairs (especially the one around the eyes) are being pulled and can be a little uncomfortable. As far as I can remember, I only once asked for it to come down a notch. The rollers are + and - which are done 4 times across the face, neck and decolletage with two switch overs so both sides of your face are evenly done (hope that makes sense to you all).

Then a mask is put on which is left in place while I had a relaxing massage! I was then left for 10 minutes to relax or in my case doze off. To finish off the whole experience a moisturiser is put on.

Beauty Prescription:
When I was finished I was talked through the products that were recommended for me and written on a prescription which I took for future reference (or to leave around for hubby to see, brilliant idea love it!). I was also given a key fob for Beauty Bonuses. This means I can earn points with my next facial or treatment and build up the points for some beauty treats.

Overall Verdict:
I have to admit I didn't hold out much hope for this as I have never had a good experience with facials but straight after having it done and looking in the mirror I did notice a definite improvement in my skin. I was told not to touch my face for as long as possible so as not to put bacteria on it, and let the products do their work.

So the next day I could not believe the major improvement in my skin. It looked like a year of illness and sleepless nights had disappeared and my skin was glowing and looked plumper, younger and overall just healthy. I had the treatment done just over a week ago and I'm still happy with the results. I had no redness or spots since then and my skin still has a glow, skin tone even, and really fresh looking. Another thing of note is that my makeup is going on flawlessly. I am so happy with this that I have booked in for another facial! I couldn't afford this all the time especially as it is recommended to get this done every 4-6 weeks, but my goodness this was a brilliant experience.

1hr 15mins of pure relaxation

€56.95 or for a course of six €279.95


For a list of treatments at Sam McCauley Salons you can click here & book online.
You can also follow Sam McCauley on Twitter and Facebook.
Guinot are also on Twitter

Picture Credits: Guinot http://uk.guinot.com/
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