Saturday, 31 August 2013

5 Counties in 24 Hours

Hubby and I went off for a night away and stayed in Richmond House in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. It was like a mini Downton Abbey and I really liked it a lot. But that's only a small part of the weekend.

Day 1:
LÉ Aoife
So our starting point was Waterford and we got to see a biker festival in the town, as well as a tour of the LÉ Aoife naval vessel, these were two things that we had no idea we were going to do we just came across them by accident. 

Biker Festival
We got to to Richmond House after that, and the place was magnificent, it has a warm relaxed atmosphere. The surrounding gardens were beautiful and you can even have a game of croquet as you relax. The house is known for it's exceptional food but because we were on the go the whole time we didn't get the chance to eat there, but heard loads of people complimenting the food while we were there.

Yougal, Sea Festival
That evening we then took a tip to Yougal in Co. Cork, once again we came across something not planned....Their sea festival, with their very own Elvis impersonator ha ha. It was very family orientated and know that if Lillibug was with us she would have delved right in for a bit of dancing so hoping to bring her next year to it.

(Can you tell I'm married to a movie buff?) Yougal

So back to the hotel for some well earned sleep in the most comfortable bed..........

Day 2:
Mount Melleray Abbey
We went first to see Mount Melleray Abbey which is home to a community of Cistercian (Trappist) Monks, the abbey was bigger than I expected and the drive to has gorgeous surroundings...

The Vee Gap
On the road again and we decided to take the Vee gap from Waterford to Tipperary which has the most stunning panoramic views.
Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
We ended up stopping for a light lunch in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and a little walk to stretch the legs, we've had two days of beautiful sunshine so needed to top up on the suncream.

Kilkenny Castle

We were on our way home when I suggested we take a detour and go to Kilkenny. We went to my favourite place which is Kilkenny Castle. It's a stunning castle with stunning walks around it.

New Ross
We finally ended up in New Ross, Co. Wexford (nearly home now). New JFK memorials have been put up where JFK visited and gave a speech (every time I bring it up my dad likes to tell me that he was there!). The Dunbrody Famine ship stunningly resides on the quay and is so educational and fun to visit.

So that's it, I may have gone overboard on the pictures but I do get click happy when I am the tourist :-)

The counties visited were:
1. Waterford.
2. Cork.
3. Tipperary.
4. Kilkenny.
5. Wexford.

It was a great 24 hours of exploration and can't wait till Lillibug is old enough for the heavy travelling like this. By the time I had reached 5 years of age I had visited every county in the Republic of Ireland and had a little map that I would tick them off on, so would love for Lillibug to do the same but she isn't as fond of travelling in the car as I am so we will have to wait and see.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Overactive Thyroid & Radioisotope Therapy

The Beginning:
As some of you may know already I had an overactive thyroid and back in June I had radioisotope therapy so I thought I would tell you all about it now.

Lilliwhiterose default pic

Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. I didn't really notice my symptoms because I was too busy organising my wedding day, but when I went for my normal check-up and my doctor noticed a shake in my hand and asked if she could take bloods and there we have it I had an overactive thyroid! Then   started noticing the symptoms.

My Symptoms:
Hand Tremors
Lose of weight
Hot flushes (I wore a t-shirt in the middle of December!)
Lost some hair
Increased heart rate

The Middle Part:
So I was referred to a consultant Endocrinologist, who put me on some medication but nothing ever changed. I then went on to have a beautiful little girl, but after I had her things got much worse for me. When Lillibug was 5 months old I was asked to go for the Radioiodine treatment but with Lillibug so young I knew I couldn't leave her so we decided to hold off for as long as we could.

By 2013 I couldn't take it anymore, my hair was falling out more and had a bald patch on either side of my temples, my whole body was shaking and I was constantly having hot flushes and about 1-3 panic attacks a day, my heart rate was so fast I was put on beta-blockers, I was constantly jittery and it affected everything I done. I started to just hide away! My Lillibug kept me going, everything I do is for her so knew it was time....

My usual appointment came up for the Endocrinologist and I was planning on bringing up about the treatment, but I didn't have to he took one look at me and said we couldn't hold off on it anymore. My eyes were now affected badly and was now diagnosed with Graves Disease. I had noticed for about a year that my eyes were affected but no seemed to take it seriously, I wouldn't consider myself a vain person I don't spend ages in front of a mirror, but it made me so self conscious and I had enough to deal with at this stage.

I thought I would be forever on a waiting list to get the treatment but it only took weeks...Just enough time to prepare but not long enough to run!

You go for an initial app at St. Luke's Hospital in Dublin to meet with your new consultant and you go through the ins and outs of the treatment, it's like an assessment of how overactive you are and the dosage of treatment. The consultant was so nice and friendly and there was a nurse present to take notes and go through stuff as well. I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted and so was my husband. You also meet with the physicist who goes through it all with you as well so you do start to think you are repeating yourself but they can't be too careful. I was given a lead capsule and inside was a tablet to be taken 6 days later which is like a pre-tester of iodine to see how my body reacts to it.

So 7 days later myself and Dad took the road trip to St. Luke's, i'm very upset at this point as i know i won't be going back home to Lillibug but to an empty house! I took my tablet the day before so I am all set. I am brought into a room and in here a computer measure the flow of iodine going through from the tablet I took the day before, this is to establish the dose and that I am reacting well to it. I am given the full dose of radioiodine and have to wait one hour. So hours up and i'm good to go.........

3 Weeks of hell:
So home I go without Lillibug and hubby, they are staying with Grandma and Grandaddy. During treatment I am not allowed near any babies, children, and pregnant woman this is for 3 weeks. After 5 days hubby was able to come back to me, he had to as i couldn't take the quietness at home and I slept with a baseball bat at night ha ha (and I am dangerous when it comes to the bat, just ask my dad!). So things got a little easier or so I thought until I nearly drowned us with tears because I missed my baby so much.

There were no side effects really to the treatment except for a metallic taste in my mouth for 3 days, a rash for 5 but otherwise I felt like I normally did. By the time week 2 came along I notice my hair was growing back and my eyes were looking better and hot flushes on the way out (yet we were in the middle of a heat wave here). It was extremely hard to be away from everyone and my heart broke to see my baby but knew she was having the time of her life being spoilt.

I had to cook/eat/wash clothes/sleep separately to my husband for the remainder of the treatment process, and send a dirty look his way from my corner of the sitting-room. It was extremely hard especially as I would be affectionate I do love a great big bear hug after all.

By week three I noticed that I looked like me.... strange one I know, but my physical appearance seemed like the old me. All previous symptoms of having an overactive thyroid seemed to have diminished! I was back to my old self, even personality wise I was back to my usual happy go-lucky, spring in my step ways. Oh goodness where have I been all this time, so that upset me even more. The realisation that I had faded away slightly and nearly lost upset me even more.

Back Together:
Yep we got there in the end, 3 whole weeks and everyone reunited and back where we belong. Lillibug was in such shock on the Thursday morning when she woke up that she thought I was a dream, but after a few minutes and a zillion hugs and touching my face we were one again. It did affect us all in more ways than I can imagine and as I write this I am welling up. Lillibug would not leave my side for 4 weeks after she got home, everywhere I went she had to come even if it was to the toilet and someone else was in the house she had to be my toilet roll bearer! Now things have settled down.

End Result:
The outcome we were all looking for from this treatment was to go from overactive to either normal or underactive. It was achieved and I can now tell you all that I am under active! I have started new medication for this but it's safer than what I was on for the overactive thyroid and my heart is now in better shape. The only downside at the moment is the tiredness that comes with being under active but I can really deal with that. My sanity is back, my family and friends have me back.

A Thank You:
The support from my family as always is amazing! Thankfully my hubby didn't divorce me, my baby didn't run away, my mum and dad didn't disown me and my friends still know how much I weigh. During the 3 weeks my amazing friends from the Irish Beauty Blogger community kept me going with tears and laughter, you know who you are and will never be forgotten.

If you have any questions or want further details on any aspect please don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment below.

*I am not a doctor or in any way a medical professional, I just wanted to share my experience and maybe help someone else by doing so.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Liebster Award

 I was once again nominated by both Bethan from MissBeautyObsession and Amy from Amy's Annex, so check these wonderful girls out, they have amazing blogs!

So I decided to mix the questions from the two girls, I hope you don't mind. 
The idea behind the Liebster Award is to discover new blogs and learn more behind the writer. If you would like to see the answers to my previous award click here.

The Rules:
You must link the blog/bloggers that nominated you.
You must answer the questions put to you.
You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees.
Let your nominees know that you have nominated them.

1. Who is my makeup inspiration?
I don't really have someone to be honest. I do have a tendency to like makeup that is natural and still makes you look like you and don't consider it to be something to hide behind.

2. What made me start my blog?
I noticed since I decided to give up my career to be a stay at home mammy that my brain was turning to mush and needed to apply myself at something. My hubby suggested that I should start a blog to have my own little hobby but it took him well over a year to convince me.

3. What is my goal to achieve during blogging?
I have well and truly achieved my goals, which was to have at least one person read my blog (besides my hubby) and to have a hobby that I love. Also a bonus is the social aspect which has been amazing and I have met some amazing bloggers!

4. Mascara or Concealer?
I am a mascara girl and if I got stranded on a desert island and was aloud one makeup item that would be it.

5. Legging or Jeans?
I am a jeans girl and have been since I was a kid, I have my mummy jeans, shopping jeans, going out for the night jeans well you get the idea :-)

6. What is the most expensive beauty product I own?
I think it would have to be my Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful Glinda Palette, which was €40 and it was a present from my hubby. I have had other things in the past that were expensive and usually would have been a moisturiser but at the moment I am being really good :-)

7. Where is my favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere in Ireland and always has been! I have done a fair amount of travelling abroad but my love for home will always come first. I really think Ireland has a lot to offer and I have been to every county and it will never cease to amaze me.

8. What is my favourite post to a) read b)write?
A) Oh gosh I have so many, I love reviews, tutorials and travel articles.
B) I like to write reviews, before is started my blog I always turned to beauty bloggers before I made a purchase and want to be able to give an honest review myself and help others in their decision.

9.  My favourite piece of beauty/hair care/makeup product I own?
Without a doubt it has to be my Glinda Palette I absolutely love it and use it so much and look for any excuse to experiment with it :-)

10. Red or Pink lipstick?

I am not going to nominate anyone this time around as I think everyone has done it now that I know (typical) So if you would like to be nominated just let me know and I will add your link to this page. So here are the questions if you would like to do it.

1. Dresses or Jeans?
2. Do you take your makeup off before bed?
3. What is your favourite book?
4. Your favourite makeup brand?
5. Nude lips or lipstick?
6. Where in the world would you like to go right now?
7. Why did you start your blog?
8. If you were given money to start your own business what would it be?
9. What did you want to be when you grew up and are you doing it now?
10. What is your favourite season?

Monday, 26 August 2013

Urban Decay-Oz The Great and Powerful-Glinda Palette

Magic in a Palette!
All shiny & new Urban Decay Glinda Palette
It has been so long since I have gotten anything from Urban Decay I nearly forgot about how much I love their products! Now I just can't get enough after this palette and now the love affair begins again, ha ha! Urban Decay came out with two of these themed on the recent Disney film and boy I am happy. The Glinda Palette I thought was very me with it's pinks/purples and glitter, the Theodora Palette is dark so with the two you have good vs evil! Without a doubt I went with the good witch Glinda :-)

The Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful Glinda Palette is so well packaged I nearly didn't want to open it! It also came with a How-to slip which I did follow and I was really pleased with how simple it was. The I really think the palette is versatile that I can come up with a day look and a nighttime look with it and everything else in between. Out of all the palettes I have ever tried this one really made me experiment.

The palette come with 6 full size eyeshadows two are duos! Half size 24/7 eyeliner pencil and Super Saturated high gloss lip colour and I just love it all. The palette also has a massive mirror in it, but some may take issue due to the fact the mirror doesn't stay upright by itself. This is not an issue for me as I usually hold a mirror with one hand when doing my eyes.

My swatches don't do this palette justice at all.
Tornado is a beautiful smokey purple
Aura is an iridescent blue that looks pearly white in the palette
Aura is an iridescent pearly pink.
Magic a gorgeous pastel pink with a blue that is buildable. 

Illusion is what I use as my base colour and is peachy and shimmery.
Oz, glittery gold and there can be some fall out with the glitter so I just use a tissue on my cheek while applying this.
Oz, silver glitter and same applies with the fallout for the glitter need to use that tissue.
South is grey verging on brown with micro glitter with not as much fall out as Oz.

The 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Rockstar is a dark purple with a hint of shimmer, it is one of the easiest eyeliners I have ever ever used and I love it, I will be purchasing more of these in the future!

Finally we have the Super-Saturated Lip Colour in Glinda which ticks all the boxes of being glossy and feels hydrating. The colour just seems to enhance my own lip colour and it has some shimmer!

Overall Verdict:
I absolutely love this palette and I think it was well worth it for my hubby to get this for me :-) I find myself reaching for it anytime I am doing my eyes and forgetting about all the other eyeshadows that I have. The lasting power is fantastic on all the products included and my eye look lasted in the heatwave we had here in Ireland July (with no primer). Other bonus is that I can reuse the palette and refill as I start to use the shadows up :-) Downfall- It's only limited edition! I also thought at €40.00 it was so worth it.

What do you think of the Glinda palette? Is it something on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.



Glossybox August 2013 High-Flyers

This months theme High-Flyers:

Yes I could be a high-flier :-D
This month we are back to the Glossybox traditional baby pink box with black paper and baby pink ribbon!

I'm not a fan of the black paper I think it makes it look messy and boring!

So let's take a look at our High-flyers:

1. From Brazil we have the Makeup Remover Pen:
This is to help with those little on the go mistakes we make around our eyes, lips and pesky corners that smear. I'm intrigued and I will give it a go. The bonus of this is that it came with refills!

2. From the USA we have TRESemme, Platinum Strength Concentrated Treatment Shot:
I never seem to go wrong with TRESemme so this is a nice little treat in this months box.

3. From the UK it's Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner.
Straight off when I saw this I was disappointed because I have received a lot of Jelly Pong Pong products in these boxes, but as always I will give it a try.

4. From the USA, Eucerin Aquaphor.
I've already used this and it's now in my handbag and it's perfect for my sensitive skin. So this is my favourite product in this months box by far.

5. From Sweden, Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler.
I haven't used an eyelash curler since......well I actually can't remember. This also came with extra pads. This is something I will use and always handy to have and really should've had one!

Overall it was an okay box, but it had a lot to live up to after last months greatness. What did you think of this months box? Let me know in the comment section below. Also you can check out my previous Glossybox reviews here.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chicco Echo Pushchair-Jade Review

The hunt is over for a new pushchair! We had a Silver Cross 3d travel system but when little one hit 10 months I couldn't take the weight of it anymore, I did my back in twice with it, and pulled a muscle in my groin trying to open it, so enough was enough. So little one is 20 months old now and last week I came across the Chicco Echo Pushchair in Jade, so I am going to tell you what I think of it so far........

Never in a million years did I think I would go with the Jade but this particular colour was on offer and thought it would brighten up the winter months when we are out and about. I didn't particularly want to spend much on a new stroller, I had a budget and even at full price this came in under budget but the Jade had an offer so decided it worked out even better!

We have a Citroén C3 so we are limited on space and we do travel a bit to my husbands family so we pack everything but the kitchen sink, but now I can actually fit the kitchen sink in so extra bonus! The other problem we had was weight, the silver cross came in at 12.3 kg now add little one who is also the same weight. Phew! The Chicco stroller only weighs in at 7.7kg so my back is finally happy which gives me a big smile on my face. Another thing of note is that you need to put all 4 wheels on yourself which was actually easy enough even for me :-)

So the nitty gritty:

  • Lightweight @ 7.7kg
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Basket (always a must for the shopping)
  • Raincover included
  • Compact
  • Foam Handles
  • Easy to fold & unfold
  • Compared to other strollers when this is in flat position I have a little gap so can put a small item into the basket.
  • 5 point safety harness
  • adjustable leg rest
  • 4 position recline
  • Padded Seat, which I noticed was not something all strollers had.
  • Fabric handle to carry.
  • Raincover is too small for little one around the feet area, I know she is tall but this is really tight.
  • I personally would like the hood to come forward a bit more.
  • When this is in fully reclined position little one just has to sit forward and up it goes, so she now won't nap in her stroller anymore as she has figured this out.
  • This is meant to suit from newborn but I have the strap at the tightest and it's still too loose so can't fathom how you could strap a newborn or a baby up to 8 months and feel comfortable with that.

€125.00 Boots
€134.00 Littlewoods

Saturday, 10 August 2013

August Newsletter: Highlights and Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank every single one of you for all the support here on LilliWhiteRose. I have enjoyed your comments, e-mails and twitter interactions immensely and helps me to keep going. My blog started as a hobby and now it is something that I absolutely love doing and could not imagine giving up, the main reason being the community aspect. I have found some amazing blogs and some amazing ladies.

Summer Highlights So Far:

June's highlight would have to be the #JuneBBC which was run by the wonderful Girlfridays Beauty Blog, which was a joy and kept me going through a hard time I was having which I still haven't been able to write about but I will in time. Also Girlfriday is running another challenge next month so head over and check her blog out where she will keep you updated on all you need to know plus her blog is fabulous #SBBC.

Last months (July) highlight was a collaboration between myself and 4 other wonderful girls where we all gave a contribution for all your needs on Date Night, you can check that out here I done the skin care section. We had so much fun and these girls are great and so are their blogs. The wonderful girls are as follows:

This month I am hoping to bring to you:

1. Chicco Echo Stroller Review. (Review here).

2. Urban Decay Wonderful Wizard of Oz Glinda Palette Review. (Review here).

3.  August Glossybox. (Review here).

4. Liebster Award thanks to Bethan from MissBeautyObsession and Amy from Amy's Annex.(you can find it my answers here).

5. Cocoa Brown, Lovely Lady Afternoon Tea. (You can read all about that right here now)

6. Article on my treatment that I had for my over active thyroid, something I have been putting off for way too long.

7. 5 Counties in 24 hours article on a little trip hubby and I had.

So I hope you all stay with me on my blogs trip and once again thank you all.

Lilliwhiterose xx

What's in Junior's Changing Bag

Hello Mr. Ladybug!

Long gone are the days of the big changing bag that I dragged around for nearly a year and packed everything but the kitchen sink. 

What's in the changing bag.

So let's take a closer look:

1. Lidl Toujours Nappy Bags.
Always a must to have.

2. Tesco Ultra Soft Non Fragranced Wipes.
Does the job and aren't harsh on our little ones sensiteve bum and under 1 Euro.

3. Milton Sterilising Tablets.
Best invention ever.

4. Avent Travel Spoon & Fork.
Little one likes to feel she is a big girl & this has been brill for travelling with and the fork is perfect for her little hands.

5. Avent Travel Cup.
This comes everywhere, but little one has a problem with lifting the cap sometimes.

6. Moogoo Nappy Balm.
I have done a review on this here, and we never leave for anywhere without this, it's one of the best nappy balms in my opinion.

7. Milton Steriliser for Soothers.
Really would be lost without this tiny invention.

8. Are We Nearly There Yet? Baggage Tag.
Just in case Ladybug discovers she has wings that can fly :-)

9. Lidl Nappies.
My thoughts on these nappies here.

10. Snackpot.
Great for keeping the snacks fresh and doesn't take up much room.

11. Toy.
Today's toy is the trusty musical Maraca.

Also Suncream and sterilising hand gel usually live in this bag but currently residing in my handbag

Friday, 2 August 2013

August Wishlist

Another month gone and another wishlist for you all. I'm not sure if any of you like these posts, so if you would like me to continue doing them let me know in the comments section. xx

1. The New Black Cream Puff €29.95 from Sam McCauley

2 Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio- Petite for Home & Away £68.00 from Laura Mercier

3. Urban Decay B6 Vitamin infused complexion Prep Spray €28.00 from Debenhams

4. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter €16.95 from Sam McCauley

5. Alexandra Diamanté Necklace €20.00 from The Button + Bow Factory

Total €94.90 + £68.00
I always seem to have something in sterling Agh!
Clicking on the links will bring you to straight to the products I picked from the different shops.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Toddler Empties:

1. Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment: We have bought many of these the last 20 months for our little one has always done the trick. Our little one always gets a nappy rash when a new tooth is cutting through her gums but this helps prevent it. It has a thick formulation to it but it leaves a barrier to keep out wetness and irritation and it smells gorgeous. The one problem with this is the packaging, it can be really difficult to get the ointment out and to get the rest I would cut it open with scissors and there would be loads left in it, you just can't get it out.

2. Burt's Bees Nourishing Baby Oil: Our little one has really dry skin and this oil has always helped but never quiet cleared things up. So we use this once a week now along with our Moogoo moisturiser everyday and her skin is looking amazing now.

3. Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo: I think this might be our last purchase of this as our little one hasn't had cradle cap since her first birthday now, but once a week I would use to keep it at bay so now I think it's not needed anymore. This did do the job and I would recommend this. I'm still on the fence about the smell of it, just can't make head nor tail of the smell ?!

4. Elave Moisturising Intensive Cream: This didn't suit our little one, it would take forever to soak in that she would be shivering while she waited, out of curiosity I put it on my skin but didn't have the same problem so it was just one of those things. I really didn't like the smell of this it's like it's musty or cardboard, sorry I am just useless at describing smells!

July Favourites

1. NIP + FAB Mango Smoothie, discovered Sam McCauleys were doing these so will definitely try another one of these. Really like the smell and it feels luxurious.

2. Vaseline Spray & Go, so handy and so quick but my skin is needing something heavier once a week so the NIP + FAB has been great for that.

3. Catrice All Round Mascara Waterproof, I have taken a break at the moment from my usual mascara as I have been either wearing no makeup or very little and the Benefit They're Real can be just too harsh looking without a full face, so this has been my go-to mascara.

4. L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, I have done a full review on this here, but I am loving how this is working for me.

5. Vichy Normaderm Hylauspot. Great plaster like effect for the spots, it calms them down and helps diminish.

6. Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me, I actually got this in this months Glossybox and came in so handy with the heat wave, I love how refreshing it is and the smell is just gorgeous with it's Rose, Lavender, Peppermint, Aloe and Witch Hazel I couldn't get enough.

7. Hask Argan Oil, this was my second experience with argan oil and this one trumped the last one, my hair is looking great and people have actually commented on it, I also like the smell of this one.

8. L'Occitane Precious Cream, I actually got this in a magazine and is only 15mls but I absolutely love this and it will be replacing my usual moisturiser that I have been using for 2 years!

9. Finally my all time Favourite of the month is Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful Glinda Palette,  this was a present from my hubby (so thank you hubby) and it was on my July Wishlist. I am working on a review for that presently but I think it will be next week before I have it up for you all.

I have no empties for July, due to the fact I was isolated after treatment for my thyroid condition for the first 18 days of it but back to normal now.

So have you tried any of these yet? What were your thoughts? Let me know down in the comments, would love to see what you think! xx
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