Monday, 8 July 2013

A Disney Double

For my first ever guest post on anyone else's blog ever, I decided to write about what I know best. Movies. And given that Lilliwhiterose have previously written about Disney products, what better to write about than a pair of Disney's most recent releases on DVD that showcase both sides of what the company covers: live action and animation, namely "Wreck-It Ralph" and "Oz: The Great and Powerful".

"Wreck-It Ralph"

The story: 
"Wreck-It Ralph" is essentially the "Toy Story" concept, just transferred to video games, but that isn't doing it much credit. It's a charming little film about a villain, who wants to be a hero but can't quite get it right. There's the usual Disney message of accepting who you are and all that, but it's not told in a patronising way.

Will the kids like it?
It's bright, it's got characters with funny voices and some slapstick comedy that is guaranteed to keep the little ones happy. The story is pretty simple for kids to follow and doesn't feature anything to scary. There's some mild threat near the end, but it's nothing as heavy as, say, the ending of "The Little Mermaid" or the upsetting death scene in "The Lion King" (you know the one).

Will the adults like it?
Well, my better half and I watched it with not a child in the house and had a ball with it, so that should tell you. There's something here for everyone. Fan of old school video games? You'll love and notice a ton of little cameos and nods to games of the past. If you're a Disney fan, you'll get a kick out of the character of the "Candy King", as he resembles a well known character from a Disney classic.

All in all, this is a perfectly fine entry into the Disney canon, and while their stuff doesn't have the emotional depth of the Pixar movies, it still stands up with the likes of "Tangled" and "Bolt".

"Oz: The Great and Powerful"

The story: 
You've seen "The Wizard of Oz", right? Of course you have. Ever wonder how the Wizard got there in the first place? If the answer is "yes" then this might be the film for you. Or maybe not. It's pretty hit and miss. The acting is fine in some places, appaling in others. Ditto the special effects. The story is decent enough and connects a few dots with the original film (the origin of the Cowardly Lion" for example), and it's shot similar to the original film i.e, black and white in Kansas, to colour in Oz.

Will the kids like it?
Once it gets out of Kansas and into the brightness of Oz things get interesting, and the talking monkey and China Doll girl will keep their interest. I found that things got a bit heavy in the last half hour which might effect the younger ones. I wouldn't recommend it for very young kids but the over 8's would probably be fine  with it. 

Will the adults like it?
It'll be one of those movies that adults will tolerate if their kids are into it, but probably won't enjoy too much. 

So there you have it. Two Disney movies, one really good and one not so good. Hopefully you found this useful, and thanks for reading!

Kevin. (@kevdillon316)


  1. I haven't seen either of these but I enjoyed reading this post, I might check out one or both with my little lad over the summer!

    1. I'll let Kevin know that you liked his review :-) I watched both of them and really enjoyed Wreck It Ralph i thought it was so funny. Hope you and your little lad enjoy them though xx


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