Sunday, 9 June 2013

Why No 24hr Pharmacies In Ireland?

This week I have discovered the importance of making sure the medicine cabinet is stocked. It all kicked off here Thursday night when our little one got a really high temperature and looked so unwell that we rang Care Doc (for those of you who may not be from here, Care Doc is an out of hours emergency family doctor).

When you ring Care Doc you talk to the receptionist who takes down the details and passes it on to a nurse. The nurse then rings you back to access the patient and if the patient would need to come in and see the doctor.

So at 8.45pm we got in the car and down to the surgery and met the doctor who diagnosed our little one with a virus. We were told to give Calpol and Nurofen rotating which one every four hours. Great so off we went home to discover no Nurofen, okay we will use the Calpol till we get to the pharmacy in the morning, unfortunetly our little one got sicker as the night wore on and had to ring Care Doc again.

Once again the nurse rang and explained about our little one getting worse. I was scolded for not having it! So after a lecture on our medicine cabinet, I was told to go wake the neighbours so I ended up flagging down a Taxi and it turned out it was one of our neighbours who helped us out at 1.30am, we were in luck they had Nurofen.

We were up all night with our little one making sure she didn't have a convulsion or anything untoward happen. All well the next day even though out of sorts till Saturday. Saturday evening she was looking better and more herself.

Then Sunday happened. I noticed a rash on her legs after her afternoon nap so I said screw care doc we are going to A&E NOW. It turned out she was still viral but had an allergic reaction to jam. I was relieved in so many ways and glad it wasn't more serious than it was. So we were given a perscription so off we went.

To my dismay I could not find a pharmacy open in Wexford after 6pm, why? do people not get sick and need medicine after 6pm? I would say I have traveled a fair bit and in all the other countries I have been to I have always come across 24hr pharmacies. Why is it so backwards here? Thankfully when I went back to the hospital and told them, they gave me enough till next morning when I could get one open.

I can't understand why the pharmacies can't rotate the nights between them or even have something worked out that Care Doc/Hospital could ring them and arrange for someone to go to the pharmacy. I do remember back in the late 80's early 90's there were late night all night opening of pharmacies, what changed? Can it be changed back?

If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful, please leave a comment here on the blog or on twitter.


  1. Yeah this drives me INSANE too, mainly for the same reasons. I remember one time Shane got an awful temperature when he was about 4 and I could not get it lowered, it was only about 7pm and I couldn't get a bottle of Nurofen anywhere. Ended up ringing around other parents and getting a half bottle - same goes for the Care Doc thing - it's called Midoc here, and although they do give you enough for the night, they give you nothing for the next day so it could be 10am by the time I get to a chemist. Drives me bonkers, but it just means I have to be stocked up at all times!

    1. I am the same the next day it could be around 10am before i can get to the chemist. We ended up at A&E the Sunday after above incident, our little one had an allergic reaction to raspberries they gave us a prescription to fill when they sorted her out but of course no pharmacy open it was 6.10pm. Ended up back at A&E asking if they would give us enough till morning, luckily they did. The prescription was for something that you wouldn't have in the cupboard.

      Thank you for commenting and i will always make sure to stock up in future xx

  2. When the first of our gang became a mammy she ran into this problem and I remember her telling us about how distressed she was the first time her son got sick as she lives in a rural area and had no access to anything. Since then my 'new baby' gift to friends has been bibs and a 'care package' of baby nurofen, calpol, vaporub, bongela and those sorts of things! It's very practical but usually well received.

    1. That is a brilliant idea i must remember that the next time as a "new baby gift". Never again will our medicine cabinet run out after the panic that night!

      Lilliwhiterose xx


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