Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lidl Nappies Vs Big Brands

Where to start with the nappies....... Well I suppose it all began when we had our first baby in 2011, obviously nappies were on top of the list to buy so off I went down to our local Tesco. I was shocked by all the different brands and didn't know what to look at, it was a whole aisle dedicated to them. So I stuck with what I know a *big brand! I went with the *big brand as obviously all their advertising on telly had sunk in and all the mammies I knew were using them so that's how I chose.

As the months started to go by and the nappies were coming fast and furious I noticed they were taking a big chunk out of our weekly budget, so after 10 months of hundreds of nappies (seemed like millions at the beginning) I had enough.

I do my weekly shop in Lidl and noticed the amount of mammies going for Lidl's own brand Toujours Nappies, so I sparked up conversation with one of them. How long have you been using them? oh for months now. Do they leak? No never. Are they a good fit? Yes my wee lad is comfy in them. Right that's it i'm buying them.

So I came home all delighted with my new purchase of nappies (saved me a trip to another supermarket for the big brand) and decided I would give it the ultimate test of putting them on our little one for the night.

Next morning: The nappy had done it's job! No leaks, no red bottom, and the nappy had soaked up everything.

What was I thinking spending so much money on other brands when these were right in front of me the whole time? So to other Mums and Dad's out there go buy these and try them out see what you think, save yourself some money and start putting it in a jar.

The nappies we get are Toujours size 5 which cost €6.55 and has 44 in the pack also every now and again they have a deal 2 for €10 (they have one coming up Mon 3rd of June).

After a lot of misses and trying other brands this was the one for our little one.

* I didn't want to mention the other brands as I thought that would be unfair as what works for us does not always work  for everyone else. We also did not have any problems with our original big brand it was just the expense.


  1. Snap I use them too for my lil guy and their pull ups for my older girl. Both brilliant quality and do the job well. I tried the Tescos own brand and they were awful!

  2. Yeah we tried Tesco own brand but they didn't do the job either. I just think that just because its cheaper doesn't mean its not good for us. Thank you for taking the time to comment x

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