Sunday, 9 June 2013

#JuneBBC Day 9: Most Recent Beauty Buy

After a disastrous start with Sanctuary's Skincare range I decided to give it another go with a different product, so a few days ago I got their Warming Microbrasion Polish....

 What It Does:

It gives an intense thermal polish to refine and soothe the skin. This combines intense warming to help open pores and stimulate circulation while the fine polish of marine earth with natural koalin help detoxify.

This in turn leave skin feeling smooth, refined and give a youthful look.

Does it Work:

Yes & No:  I did notice a difference in my complexion and loved how smooth it looked also my pores were reduced so that was a big check of the list.

Unfortunately I was disappointed in the thermal side of things there was only a little tingle of heat for half a sec then gone so it just felt like any other exfoliate that I have tried so it didn't feel like an intense warming sensation for a deep clean. I have used products like this before that have that "thermal sensation" just like at the spa but this didn't do it for me.

Overall Verdict:

This has made a difference to the appearance of my skin that it has been noticeable with one use, I will consider buying this again once this tube runs out. The packaging is simple and isn't fancy expect for some silver writing on the tube, and the texture of the product is like a paste with sugar in it.




  1. I've also given Sanctuary skincare a go, and like that I was not blown away by any means and I definitely wouldn't be re-purchasing. The only good thing is that this brand is usually included in those Boots €7 Off Vouchers that they give out!

    1. Thankfully i got it half price but i won't be purchasing again, it's not worth €18.81. I think this will be my last dip into their skin care range too. I do however love their body care range and can't get enough of it!

      Thank you for commenting love hearing peoples feedback.

      Lilliwhiterose x


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