Saturday, 8 June 2013

#JuneBBC Day 8: Beauty Wishlist

I would need to win the lotto to buy all that is on my beauty wishlist but have decided to narrow it down to my top 5 on the list :-)

1. Benefit Feelin' Dandy Lip & Cheek Kit €35.00:

I have been lusting after this after testing it out at the Benefit Counter at Sam McCauley's Wexford. Hoping next month it will be on the dressing table :-) It has Deluxe posietint sample, Deluxe high beam sample, dandelion, ultra plush dandelion lip gloss.

2. Clarisonic Mia €159.06:

I've heard mixed reviews on this but would love to try it out but could never justify spending that amount of money on it. It is meant to cleanse the skin and reduce pores, helps mimimise wrinkles.

3. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette €42.00:


This eyeshadow palette is filled with 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows, including FIVE EXCLUSIVE NEW shades. I can't wait to make a trip to Dublin to get this :-) I have read so many reviews on this and people just seem to love it.

4. Shiseido Facial Cotton (60 Pack) €5.00


These specially designed to coordinate with your other mositurising products to give your skin a luxurious touch. I really should get my act together and go down and make a purchase!

5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream €32.00

Sam McCauley'
I got a sample of this in a glossybox and used it to an inch of it's life, I even cut it open just to get a bit at the end. I would love to buy the full size product of this because it was brilliant for chapped lips, and I had a breakout of spots due to a reaction to a foundation I used and this really helped. It does remind me of vaseline but this feels like it treating me where vaseline feels like it prevents. I also used this to tame my eyebrows ;-)

Looking forward to reading everyone's wishlists and maybe if you tried anything on my wishlist you will let me know what you thought of them. xx


  1. u have some fab picks on ur want list! xx

    1. Thank you Catrine, think i might treat myself to Urban decay naked palette next week when i make a trip to Dublin fingers crossed x

      Thank you for commenting.

      Lilliwhiterose x


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