Saturday, 29 June 2013

#JuneBBC Day 18: Favourite Makeup Brand

Well I do not need to think about this and neither do my family it is Benefit all the way! I absolutely love their products and their cute packaging their price makes me cry sometimes but what I have got has been worth it, and my family are great around Birthday and Christmas time (so thank you family x).

Sorry the pic isn't very clear I think it's due to the fact I dropped my camera!

I have a lot of travel size products from Benefit which I find great as I am always on the go seeing family and I get annoyed bringing all the full size ones especially in the skincare which works wonders on my skin and I never miss a day of cleansing and moisturising. My two favourite products from their line would have to be They're Real Mascara and their Fine One One for cheek and lips and I have reviewed  both of these for you all.

I have been so excited about the launch of Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour primer but raging as I can't go get it for another 3 weeks (due to the fact that I am radio-active and have no car for 3 week). So if you have a review up for it I would love if you sent me a link to see what your thoughts are on it x


  1. Serious collection! I've only tried the mini products, the full sizes are too expensive for me to splash out on but I think I'll be buying a full-sized 'They're Real!' at some point! I like The PoreFessional a lot too x

    1. Ha ha couldn't believe it all when i actually took it out to photograph, all the full size products have been presents :-) i buy the miniatures because i can't afford the full size either and i really do find them handy for nights away with the little one we pack enough already. I done a review of the mascara it's my favourite ever! xx


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