Monday, 3 June 2013

Afraid of the Dreaded Bath, Update:

I recently told you all about my little one and her fear of the Dreaded Bath. I am delighted to announce I have an update.

Every two to three nights I would turn on the dreaded immersion (and always forget to turn it off) and off I go and run a little bath for my little one, and like clockwork my little one knew exactly what I was up to and would start hiding and running through the house away from the bathroom. If we tried to bring her close she would cry so hard she would nearly make herself sick and would be shaking with fear. As I said before we had no idea how this had begun, we had no accidents no traumatic hot baths to frighten her nothing of note that would give her this uncontrollable fear. 

I didn't want to push it as I know what it's like to have a fear or phobia and didn't want to completely put her off for the rest of her life.

How It Unfolded:

So last night I went through the same motions except I wasn't holding out much hope, so I was completely at ease and laid back as I was starting to get so used this routine of cat and mouse. I started off by stripping her down twenty minutes before hand a letting her just be "natural" then I ran the bath behind closed doors so she could neither hear or see it.  Next I told her she was going to give me a wash and we went and picked out her favourite toy to bring with her (stacking cups). I sat on the edge of the bath with her and we sang a song and laughed (this is the closest we had got). Next thing I know she throws in her toy and tries to get in with it.. Okay no problem in you get. Now for the first 10 minutes she stood in it I had no problem with that, it was a start and a fantastic one at that. I didn't try and force her to sit down or anything I just went along with herself. Then she started to head for her old bath toys like the duck and some balls which I had taken from her ball pit, so as she was distracted I started to wash her down and still she was happy. Then next she was fully in the bath sitting down and splashing, singing and full of laughter.

My husband and I started to wonder if we should go as far as washing her hair or would we run the risk of frightening her with water going down her face. Well we had to, her hair was in desperate need of a proper wash. I used her sprinkle can for the plants to do it and filled it with the water from the sink and it made for great fun as she wanted to use it then to wash Mammy's arm.

I am so proud of my little girl conquering her fears and can never explain the joy I felt last night.

What Now:

Well it was good sign by the end that we couldn't get her out so we had to make her bed-time bottle and show it to her so we could get her out without a fuss, so we are hoping that this will continue and the fear is left in the past. Maybe it was just a phase, who knows!?!

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