Thursday, 23 May 2013

Disney The Rewards I Missed Out On!

I have been a Disney fanatic since I got my fist VHS of Lady and the Tramp back in the 80's (thanks Dad) and I have never looked back since. I went from the dark side of collecting on VHS to DVD, well now that's not good enough because now we have Blu-Ray and so it began..........

Myself and the little one got our first Disney Blu-ray last Christmas from my dad as it is tradition that he buys them (notice how it not just me anymore, happy days!). I opened up our brand new Disney Blu-ray and for the first time looked at the leaflets on the left of the inside cover.... What's this?....Well lo and behold Disney Reward Points and a magic code. Well I booted to the lap top and typed in the website

How it Works:

I went through every Disney movie in the house and ended up with a table full of passwords and altogether I got over 2000 points. So now I have earned all those points it is now time to redeem them. Woohoo!

I picked a blu-ray (for the collection as you do) which was "Pocahontas" and 8 days later it arrived in through the letterbox. Happy days! So it cost 750 points to redeem that, but they have stuff from 0 points up to 1500 points so I still have enough to get more.

You can download bumper activity books for free which I think is great for the kids.

Overall Verdict:

I feel that after years of loyalty to the Disney brand that I am finally been rewarded and now I feel like a valued customer.

The website is easy to use and has a great selection to choose from, if you already have a few Disney's hanging around the house you never know you might have enough magic codes to redeem a treat for the families next movie night :-)

Disney rewards points system now has a expiration day on the points, so make sure to not leave them for too long or they will go to waste!


  1. I had never heard of this! I can't wait to get the time to go through my collection too. I love Disney!

    1. You will be surprised how quickly the points rack up i was amazed! Hope you get loads and pick something you like.

      Lilliwhiterose xx

  2. Replies
    1. A lot don't they think they are junk pieces of paper of advertisements on the inside. Now you can build up your reward points! x

  3. It's crazy how many people don't realize this! haha I think it may be starting to get phased out though as all of the new dvds I've bought have not included a code and now all of a sudden the points have an expiration date which they have never had before. I still need 200 for my next reward but all the of my latest purchases have left me disappointed!
    Still, it's been a great reward system - one of the best I think.


    1. I got a few new Disney dvd's a few weeks ago for my birthday and the points were inside so I really hope that's not the case. I don't like that there is an expiration on the rewards now! I need 200 points too for my next one too :) xx


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