Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Afraid of the Dreaded Bath

Well lo and behold our little one has decided to take a fear of the bath! Our little girl used to love taking a dip in the bath, so much so that it was hard to get her out of it without her kicking up stink.

Now we have tried new toys for the bath, and my own fave which was the puppets made out of socks. After all that we still had screaming and shaking so we don't push it anymore.

We tried using a bucket in the middle of floor and I washed all her ducky's in it and gave them all the attention, and still nothing she just kept running in and out to see if I had put the water away (smart girl).

My husband then tried to wash her in the kitchen basin (just her feet) Nope! more screaming.....

So it has come down to this...... damp face cloths to keep her clean and that involves me running around the house after her because she won't stand near the sink for me to do it.

The one thing I was surprised at was her Grandaddy brought her swimming and after 15 mins he had her swimming in the pool. What gives, what is your secret Dad? Well I just don't know but he did have half the kids in pool give him his attention which was gas, they just kept coming up and smiling at him waiting for him to talk to them. Must be his adorable kind face, and soothing voice and the fact he so relaxed.

Well we will keep going and hopefully she will get back into the bath (sooner rather than later please).

If you have any tips for me please please let me know, I will try anything.

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