Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Dublin Herbalists 5 Step Facial Collection at the Kilkenny Shop

A few weeks ago I came across the "Wellness" section of Kilkenny Shop and thought it was a fantastic idea. They have everything from candles, skincare, books, from wonderful Irish brands. I was sent this lovely Dublin Herbalist set from Kilkenny Shop to celebrate! The Kilkenny shop has really brought together a great selection to the Wellness department with a range of natural skincare, and beauty products to which help towards feeding and nourishing the skin and help towards your well-being.

Dublin Herbalists 5 Step Facial Collection

The Dublin Herbalists is one of the Irish brands found in the Wellness department, and I can see why. With carefully sourced ingredients and use of natural oils, your skin is being fed only the best. I found using the 5 steps a very relaxing experience and one that I really spent time in enjoying.

Dublin Herbalists 5 Step Facial Collection

The set contains an Every Day Cleansing gel, that unblocks pores, removes dirt, and makeup. It contains jojoba oil which is a natural moisturising property. 

Exfoliating Cleansing Gel that looks so good that you would want to eat it! This was lovely and gentle on my skin so I could use it every day if I wanted to. 

Restorative Gel Face Mask felt very refreshing and soothing on my skin and I loved leaving it on for a full hour to really get the full effect. The lavender wasn't overpowering and the results were great, my skin felt renewed, to be honest.

Dublin Herbalists 5 Step Facial Collection

You will also get a Refreshing Facial Toner that lifts, tones, and brightens your skin and it absorbed really fast. You apply by spraying on to a cotton pad and then sweep across your face.

The Rejuvenating Face Cream is a lovely addition to the set, which felt thick at first but after five minutes of this sinking in my skin feels great.

Dublin Herbalists 5 Step Facial Collection

Overall using the 5 step facial really made me feel like I had my own spa at home and gave me some time out from the rushing around. The products are beautifully presented in little jars (they remind me of jam jars), they smell and look edible too and you wouldn't think twice if you saw these in a kitchen. The textures of each product feel rich but also feel like they would suit any skin type. I don't often find products that suit all but I really felt that with these. The set gives you a taster of what you can get from the Dublin Herbalists and without a doubt, this set will be making its way into a shopping basket either for me or as a gift for someone. The set will provide you with roughly 6 complete facials.

Wellness comes in many different forms, it depends on what the person needs, it may not mean you are free from illness but it goes beyond that. It can be the littlest of things that bring a positive outlook or a feeling of positivity that can contribute to your over all well-being. It could be taking five minutes out of your day to meditate or an hour to do a facial or read a book. For me taking a little bit of time out just to myself helps my mental health, so in turn, it brings me satisfaction and happiness to know I'm looking after myself.

"Kilkenny is home to Ireland’s largest collection of Irish designers, and the company has been synonymous with promoting the finest in Irish design for over 50 years. Kilkenny currently has 15 stores nationwide. Or visit and receive free shipping on orders over €49."

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Summer Holiday Essentials

If you follow my social media accounts you will know from my over sharing of holiday photos that mum and I went to Agios Nikolaos in Crete! We had the best time ever on our first holiday abroad! The packing was great craic, with my mum losing the will to live with my packing skills, she just left me to it in the end including packing her case. I really didn't want to bring too much, I just wanted the bare necessities as I don't wear that much makeup when I'm melting in the sun, my skin just does not like it. Now, I did bring some makeup with me and if you want to see a post on the makeup I brought (other than what's in the post here), just let me know. In this post, I'll be talking about the essentials I'd never leave behind, these are the products that come with me or are part of any trip I make now.

Summer Holiday Essentials

*1. Uriage Eau Thermale Rich Water Cream was popped into the fridge on arrival to our destination along with their Thermale water just to amp up the refreshing feeling of using it nice and cool. We used the thermal water so much we left it behind empty so it's not pictured. The moisturiser was so comfortable to wear and gave my skin radiance. My skin usually shrivels up like a prune in such intense heat but this delivered with moisturiser and left my skin feeling so soft and nourished. At first, I didn't think it was going to do the job as it didn't feel rich or heavy, so it worked out perfectly in the heat.

Nima Brushes The Girls on Tour

Nima Brushes The Girls on Tour

2. Nima Brushes The Girls on Tour starter set of 5 brushes, was the best set of brushes I've ever owned! It includes 7 of their best selling brushes all with shorter handles and comes in its own travel case. The quality is fantastic and the brushes make applying makeup so easy. This was a lovely birthday present I got this year from my in laws, and now I'm dying to try more from the brand. I was able to pop this into my cabin luggage without it taking up much space. It beats bring a bunch of big cumbersome brushes, that also take longer to wash when you just want to enjoy some holiday time. The quality of the bristle, as well as the barrel and handles, are brilliant and the pop of colour makes them stand out.

3. This Works in Transit Camera Close-up was my multi tasker, it moisturises, primes, and can be used in the non-traditional sense like a mask. I have dry skin and would literally lash this on, it doesn't leave a film on the skin and preps my skin for my makeup. I use this mostly as a primer because it locks everything in place and my skin looks unbelievably smooth and my goodness this kept my makeup in place in the intense heat. I also found this to be really soothing on the skin. Perfect for oily skin but also good for drier skin but you will feel like you have to use more of it.

4. Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion was my hair hero while away. I will admit I make very little effort with my hair on holidays, my hair is on the wavy side but for some extra help with my waves, this was brilliant. It is a salt and oil infusion and it is one of the best I've tried, this is pricey which is the kicker! I got my perfect tousled waves that didn't feel dry and it didn't look dull at all which I will put down to the oil.

5. Ziptek (cetirizine), well I got a nasty bite while away and it came close to the EpiPen getting used but the antihistamine did the trick. NEVER EVER will I leave home without them again, I'm still suffering from the bite weeks later.

6. Mitchum Powder Fresh Deodorant Stick, I don't think I really need to explain this one much. I don't like aerosol cans (and to use them as little as possible) so I love a deodorant in solid form and this one has always been a winner for me. Also, it was needed in the extreme heat while away!

Shiseido Sports BB with SPF 50+

*7. Shiseido Sports BB with SPF 50+ was something I popped along with me for mum to try. Mum, however, wouldn't give up her Shiseido synchro glow foundation, but I got a bit of colour and got away with trying the medium shade towards the end of the holiday. I was seriously impressed by the BB, it provided coverage, lasting power and the super important SPF. I have touched on the technology Shiseido use for their WetForce on the blog previously, but just for a little recap..... the sunscreen’s UV protection veil becomes more effective when the applied area is exposed to water or perspiration for 30 minutes. The BB cream is very liquidy when it comes out but you got to move fast to apply and blend it in. Once on you won't have to worry about it, this stuff does not budge. It is ideal for anyone into the gym, watersports, or sweaty sticky sun holidays! You know you have the protection and coverage, it is a genius hybrid of a product. This also contains a contouring powders that makes your skin look sculpted and healthy the stronger the sunlight it is under (it truly did that). When first applied it may look a little heavy but give it a few minutes and it just all settles.

Riemann P20

8. No holiday is complete without Riemann P20. This is the only sun protection I ever use, it's the only one that can keep me from getting burnt and I love the new spray bottle. It's not in the main picture because I used it all up while away. I love how it nourishes my skin and leaves a lovely sheen as well, making me look healthier than I actually am. For me, this is worth the money and I never regret using it.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

*Disclaimer: I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this, I receive a complimentary subscription.  All opinions are my own, and I will be posting once a month in relation to Netflix Stream Team. 

The show that captured the imagination of so many last year is coming back!!! I'm really looking forward to Stranger Things 2 coming 27th of October and just in time for Halloween. We are heading back to Hawkins, Indiana to see a bigger yet even more sinister entity that is coming after to those who survived. Now I'm left with so many questions as to what awaits us and will the past catch up?! The fist season had so many easter eggs to some of our favourite 80's films and I really hope that will be the case the second time around and have that true retro feel to it.

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

We know from season one that MK Ultra the covert operation conducted by the CIA came to Hawkins in 1953, could they possibly be still be doing their experiments, or has their past experiments come back to haunt them?! FUN FACT: MK Ultra was an actual operation by the CIA!

On November the 6th 1983, Will Byers vanishes and ends up in the Upside Down an alternative world and held there by the horrifying monster Demongorgan. We see Will rescued by the end of season 1 but we can only imagine the lasting effect that could have had on him and will he be able to integrate back into the friendship he once had. Will he be the Will they all knew before?

November 8th, 1983, Barbara vanishes but we do find out that she was killed by the monster in season 1. But when you consider we're dealing with alternative universes could we possibly see this character make a reappearance?!

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

Netflix - Stranger Things 2

Will you be tuning in for season two? Let me know what you are hoping to see in season 2!

Netflix Stream Team

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